How long in advance can i make this?!

Question: How long in advance can i make this?
I have a bday party sat, and I'm giving puppy chow as the favor (its a puppy party)

How long in advance can I make it??

As well as, macaroni salad, linguini supreme, and potato salad.


You can make the puppy chow a week in advance, if you are talking about the chocolate covered cereal kind. Macaroni salad and potato I would make the day before and keep refrigerated. Linguini supreme could be a day ahead, unless there is seafood in it. I would make that the day of if using seafood.

I would make everything fresh....I happen to think salads like those taste better fresh.... The puppy chow you can make the day before...Also the same for the linguini...make it fresh the same day........

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