How to Take Vitamin D?!

Question: How to Take Vitamin D?
How to Take Vitamin D Drops and/or Pills?


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient that is found naturally in only a few foods. Though Vitamin D can be difficult to find in nature, it is often added to food products to increase their nutrition value. Vitamin D is also available as a dietary supplement or pill. This post looks at how to take Vitamin D drops and how to take Vitamin D pills. It also includes other ways to supplement your Vitamin D intake, and some information about vitamin D deficiency.

Drops will probably absorb better than a pill.

Many cheaper vitamin companies will coat the exterior of the pill with what is basically edible shellac, so that it's easier to swallow. The problem is that the coating is difficult to digest and sometimes the pill doesn't dissolve in your stomach or even in the intestines, so you might as well not take any vitamin at all.

If you do have a vitamin that looks like it's shiny on the outside, break it in half before taking it.

for all you folks recommending being in the sun, that does NOT work if you live in the upper Midwest during late fall, winter, and early spring.
the sun is NOT high enough during that time to cause your body to make its own Vitamin D.
This fact is also why one theory for more MS in the Midwest is lack of vitamin D.
You must supplement if you live up here. There simply is no way around it, unless you eat lots of foods containing vitamin D and that includes lots of fish, which here in Minnesota, we are told not to because of mercury poisoning...
Back to supplements.
They are available in any drug store but get vitamin D3.

The most effective and natural way for intake of vitamin D is sunlight.You can walk or sit in sun when its not so hot around 7 am.I am personally against the use of Vitamin D Drops and/or Pills because they are just synthetic substitutes. When u can get it from sunlight easily, then why waste your time & money on Vitamin D Drops and/or Pills.

The answer to the question about vitamin D will vary by individual and the only responsible answer may be to consult your health care professional. Anything in too high dose can be problematic as well, so finding a good balance by working with your doctor and running tests to find out where you are already is a step in the right direction.

One thing to evaluate is how much time you are spending outside and what type of foods or multi-vitamins do you already consume that contain vitamin D. If you are spending at least 15-20 minutes outside with good exposure to the sun during the day, you may not even need to supplement with diet or multi-vitamin. This may change in the wintertime depending on where you live.

Another question to ask yourself is or something you could evaluate would be whether or not you eat enough fish, various meat products and egg yolks that contain vitamin D. If your diet includes these items on a relatively regular basis, you may not need to worry about supplementation. Some dairy, including some milk products are “fortified” with vitamin D.

You need to also evaluate whether or not you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a lack of vitamin D. If you are experiencing any chronic fatigue, bone problems, such as pain or soreness, possibly overly sensitive bones or muscles, headaches, shortness of breath, a bone that breaks easily (fractures, etc) or anything that may be related to the calcium balance, such as teeth issues, you may be having a lack of vitamin D.

Working with your health care professional is the way to go for getting solid answers and real information specific to you and your situation. The general answer is that if you aren’t experiencing issues, you may not have a lack at all of vitamin D. If you are having some health problems, although a lack of vitamin D may not be the cause, it could be contributing. Check with your doctor and get real answers specific for you.…

i am bed bound and must take pills because i cannot go outside due to multiple allergies besides my non related crippling illness. Just be careful you dont go over the recommended dosage for your weight. ALWAYS get a doctor's advice before using - this is NOT candy.

Neither. Spend 10-15 minutes in the sun every day, and you will get all the vitamin D you need.

D3 absorbs best

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