Whats missing from my menu?!

Question: Whats missing from my menu?
Having a bday party this weekend and this is my menu.

Hot dogs
Macaroni salad
Potatoe salad
Linguini supreme
Ice cream

What do I need?? I know I'm missing something.

Feel free to tweak it.


Baked beans and drinks..

I think you need a big vegetable platter. Sliced tomatoes, sliced lettuce, sliced sweet Vidalia onions, sliced cheese, sliced cucumbers, and you can use this for an accompanyment to your hamburgers and hot dogs to put into a bun or taco or pita if your serving any of those. It is also another DIY Salad. You can put out a salad dressing just to add if your guests want to top the veggies with it.

If it was me. I would add a caesar salad(my favorite), some drinks(lemonade, sweet tea, fruit punch, some carbonated beverages, and water), mixed fruit, instead of Linguini supreme I would use a nice risotto(or use both lol), and use red potato salad. Also get some sliced cheddar cheese and bacon for the burgers lol.

Drinks and maybe something to munch on while the meat is cooking, ie. veggie platter, cheese and crackers, things like that. Otherwise it sounds like plenty of stuff to me.

There is a lot of junk food in this menu. How about some fruit salad and fresh green salad or a tomato salad instead of the chips.

Punch or pop. And people tend to use plastic dishes for parties, but you don't need them.


A GREEN Salad man all that stuff is heart attack food.

ribs, mac and cheese, drinks, chicken some people don't eat red meat


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