what is easier fondant or buttercream frosting?!

Question: What is easier fondant or buttercream frosting?
im making a cake and i want to know what is easier to cover a cake with, fondant or buttercream frosting?


If you want something smooth and pretty, fondant is the better choice, although most people don't like the taste, and you should usually have to include a layer of buttercream underneath the fondant to help it stick an provide taste. Buttercream is much easier to make and tastes better.


Buttercream is quick, easy and tasty. Takes a little time to make it smooth and even, but otherwise very straightforward
Fondant is definitely more work. You have to dirty ice first, then roll out the fondant (which you have to buy) and gently place it on the cake without it cracking. It's easier to decorate with fondant and you can malso make figurines or decorations with it, like play dough. Taste wise, it's basically sugar paste, buttercream is way yummier!

I agree with the others...you'll have to do a coat of a buttercream anyway as kind of an "adhesive" to keep the fondant on the cake. I hate the taste of fondant, and I am a sugar freak...there are very few sweet things I will refuse to eat and fondant is one of those few. As others have mentioned, the reason fondant is so popular is that it gives a nice, smooth surface to the cake. You can mold thing out if it, press decorative markings into it and it's just plain pretty. But, you're sacrificing flavor for looks. If it were me, I'd do all buttercream and skip the fondant.

Depends on what you want. If you need a perfectly uniform coating over a very large cake and you don't want little kids sticking their fingers in the frosting, fondant is the better choice. If you need a cheap, fast, and simple method, and you don't care about the smoothness, use buttercream. I don't know how fondant tastes, but it must have merit or professional bakers wouldn't use it.

Buttercream for sure. Fondant takes kneading, rolling out molding etc.

recipe: http://www.cookingwithgreen.com/2010/07/…

You need to use butter cream to make the fondant stick to the cake. So if you want it easy, just do butter cream.

Also, I really don't know what fondant tastes like. It looks good :D

Definitely buttercream. Fondant takes alotttt of work. :)

Buttercream frosting and it's easier to work with.

Must be butter cream or everyone would use fondant. Does that stuff even taste good?

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