Question: KITCHEN'S OPEN! Beggs & EACON C'MON IN!?
What will you be having.The SPECIAL for this morn is- Scrapple very criss'pt (crunch')w/ bacon and 2 eggs over easy for dipping sauce for all above -n- below. 2 pieces of toast cut in slices/ corner to corner.1T0ast w/just butter & the other w/butter & grape jelly or/and slice steak or and again ham.wit honey or/and again wif syrup. Two pancakes wif the works.Can't seem to egg up my mined this s'morn.I don't care how much cholesterol nor do I care about calories.I am experiencing my life the way I choose.The way my forfudder's died for me to have.A very Special free to Choose lovely life, that's the order anyways.Tea for two and yes again coffee w/sugar & heavy cream.1 glass of milk 1/2 full Orange juice.cut fruit bowl & 3cups of prayer of thanks for all of it.(not a religion)just thanking the big kahuna is all~
So what will u be having kitchens open! Grills HOT! ^(~_!_~)^


I want some fatty Bacon, some tooast but can I have honey on mine pls. I'll take coffee with lots of cream and lots of sugar or some sweet chai tea if its on the menu. Also now that I think of it I would like 1 banana pancake with cinnamon and nutmug. I hope u take special requests because I love my banana pancakes

Hungary & memories. Thanks for the smile this morn

I just stick to my coco puffs.

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