Would this work? Inventing a recipe?!

Question: Would this work? Inventing a recipe?
It's sunny in Strasbourg today, so I want to cook something summery.

Would this work?

I want to fry chicken breasts with chili, peppers and pineapple, then add coconut milk, corriander and a bit of passionfruit.

What do you think?


I think all the ingredients would work except perhaps the passionfruit. Just add a little then taste before adding the whole passionfruit.

No on the passion fruit, the flavor is too strong and it would unbalance the flavor. The combination of chili, peppers, coriander and coconut milk would be ok. But I would suggest having a LITTLE bit of ground chilies, ground peppers and ground coriander in the breading, instead of sprinkling it on like you would with salt and pepper. Trust me, the combination of chili, peppers, and coriander would be very strong, so don't do too much. And use the flour-egg wash-bread crumbs method. You dip the chicken in flour (seasoned with a little salt and pepper), then dip the chicken breast in an egg wash, then dip the chicken breast in bread crumbs (you would put the chili, peppers and coriander in there), then you fry them. I might have the pineapple pureed on the side as a dipping sauce.

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If you are frying chicken with chili, I don't think I'd be adding coconut milk, etc. However, if you meant chili peppers, I think the combination could work really well. I'd be careful that the citrus juice from the pineapple combined with the heat of the fry pan didn't curdle the coconut milk. I'm not sure if the corriander would be a good addition -- I'm thinking more a mint or even a dill. This depends on your tastes though.


I think you are on the right track.

I would salt and pepper the chicken breast. Brown on both side then remove from the pan. Add the pineapple and get a good caramelization on the pineapple, then add the chili peppers and corrianderr (I really don't think I would use corriander though) and a little bit of your coconut milk.

Then add the chicken back in and finsih cooking in the sauce.

This should work but may be a little sweet, I would use the pineapple and not the passionfruit. And maybe a tin of chopped tomatoes. Enjoy.


Sounds yummy! Just make sure you remove the pan from the heat before adding the coconut milk so it doesn't curdle.

Sounds good until the passion fruit. I'm not sure how that would work - it's a soft fruit with lots of bits in it.

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