What to cook for hubby on carb free diet?!

Question: What to cook for hubby on carb free diet?
Hubby is on a diet and cant have any potatoes or rice,what are some good tasty meals which I could prepare for him??Were british carribean so rice is like our main dish with most meals!!!Im struggling!!

Help!! :-) xx


Princes, cook him a nice thick juicy steak and salad.

1. Bell peppers stuffed with ground turkey and chopped onion and tomato sauce
2. Grilled or baked chicken breasts served w/a large salad and fake mashed potatoes (mashed cauliflower mixed with butter, salt, and pepper.
3. Chinese takeout - order beef and broccoli w/ the egg drop soup and a side of chinese vegetables.
4. Pork chops served with baked carrots and onions. Drizzle olive oil over carrots and onions, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. 350 F for 45 minutes - an hour.

Have gone low carb before.

A "carb free" diet is meats and eggs only!! I am quite sure the doctors did not say go carb free!

Find a copy of South Beach Living diet books at the library. Read the menus in phase 2 section, recipes matching the menus are in the books. All simple common foods, nothing exotic.

SBL is recommended by most of the top Endocrinologists in the US.

I order this cook book for one reason and one reason only. I am the cook in my home and I need my family to eat healthy from this point on!!! The Paleo Cookbooks reveal how to cook delicious paleo recipes using the most nutritious, healthiest and tastiest ingredients in the world that promote health and vitality.


meat for the main:
grilled chicken, steak, pork chops, etc

a side salad would be a good addition.

they also now make carb free noodles, made from mushrooms
ususually called either Miracle Noodles or Shirataki Noodles

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