beginner cooker has lots of questions?!

Question: Beginner cooker has lots of questions?
moving out of my parents house soon and will be cooking on my own but i have never really cooked on my own so i have lots of questions

1 whats a pressure cooker how do you use it and what do you cook in it?

2 when you cook a chicken in a crock pot do you just put the chicken in the crock pot or do you put water or something in there with it?

3 whats a food prosseser?

4 when i do try to cook i ether over cook it or under cook it how do i know when its ready?

5 to make a quesadilla do i need a quesadilla maker or can i just make it in a pan and how can i do that?

i think thats it for now


A pressure cooker is a pan with a cover which is locked in place and cooks the food under pressure so it doesn't take a long time to cook (for example, a roast). You can cook almost any thing in a pressure cooker, such as meat, vegetables. These can be complicated and somewhat dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, although now days they come with more safety features.

When you cook a chicken in a crock pot, you may put a tiny amount of water in the bottom of the crock pot, but not much (maybe 1/2 cup). Be sure and rub the chicken with spices, salt and pepper to give it taste.

A food processor is a piece of kitchen equipment that does a variety of chores, it can puree, finely chop, slice veggies, it just depends on the model.

When you make a quesadilla, you just use a non stick skillet. Take a flour tortilla and sprinkle with any type of cheese you like, add other toppings like cooked chicken or beef, sauteed onions and bell pepper and sprinkle on more cheese and place the second flour tortilla on top. Heat the pan, spray with non stick spray or a small amount of oil and cook on one side until it starts to brown. Gently turn and cook the other side.

As far as how you can tell food is done, that just takes following a recipe as exactly as possible when it comes to cooking time and experience. Every food is different when determining if it is done.

I suggest getting a good cook book and going on You Tube and some of the recipe sites, like for instructions on cooking.

hi!! I love to cook.. its my fav hobby!! i see you have lots of questions :P

1. a pressure cooker is bascially a big pot in which food can be cooked quickly under steam pressure:) you can cook dried beans, frozen fish, stock for soup, stew, risotto, brown rice, quinoa, potatoes, steamed pudding, etc. etc.

2. Just put in the chicken. No water.

3. a food proccessor is an appliance that you just plug in and chops, mixes, and purees anything you put in it.

4. It depends what you're making. If you are making desserts like cakes, brownies, etc. you can stick a knife or a toothpick in the center of the item and if it comes out clean you know it's done. For meat or chicken, cut a little piece off and see if its inside is pink. if it is, then cook it for 3-5 mins longer.

5. I use a quesadilla maker, but you can make it in a pan to save time/ $$. heres a link on how to do it with a pan:

I got my quesadilla at target- fyi!!
hope this helps! take care:)

I <3 cooking

1. It's a device that uses high pressure to raise the temperature for faster cooking. stay away from them for a new time cook.

2. Find a recipe, many of them use stocks or broths. Some also use water with vegetables.

3. A device that has a sharp blade that spins very quickly to chop foods. Can also shred with attachments.

4. Make sure to follow directions. You can test the temperatures, and once it reaches a desired temperature remove it from the heat.

5. Get a tortilla, put cheese and cooked meat if you want. Lightly oil a pan on medium high heat and cook until the cheese is melted. Make sure to flip to avoid burning on side. You do not need a quesadilla maker.

Experiment! Find simple recipes, watch online instructional videos and have fun. Don't make cooking a chore.

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