Looking for something new to cook? any ideas?!

Question: Looking for something new to cook? any ideas?
My husband and I are so tired of cooking the same things...i never really learned how to cook but I did learn how to read a recipe. I'm just looking for new ideas? Pasta dish? What can I do with rice? Chicken dish? Any ideas?


Give this channel on Youtube! a try....


I love this channel and have subscribed to it so i can get new ideas ALL the time! If you dont like that channel just search Youtube! Im sure you'll find something you love.

Rice can be used to smuggle bicycles from Mexico to America. With the growing "green" trend bicycles are becoming a very valuable commodity. In Mexico you can purchase high quality bicycles cheaply because they are stolen. To smuggle them without suspicion fill two ordinary sacks with rice (any kind will do, but brown is best because you are coming from Mexico) and ride the bicycle across the border. The border patrol will be convinced that you are trying to smuggle something in your sacks but when they find only rice will be discouraged and let you go. Continue to do this for months and eventually the border patrol will give up and assume you are smuggling nothing. At this point I'm sure you can fill the sacks with drugs as they most likely won't check but there is still small risk. That is what you can do with rice, as for the chicken and pasta you can eat it to replenish your energy from all those long bike rides.

Dylon Dog: Dead of Night

you see the problem with your question is that we don't know what you've already tried and is considered ''old'' .to you one of our old recipes may be new but to us they're old. you've got to tell us what u tried already so we can give something else.

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