Was this a healthy dinner?!

Question: Was this a healthy dinner?
my problems:
- trying to gain weight
- trying to eat healthy
- I'm anemic temporarily due to iron deficiency

- corn on the cob with some melted butter
- black beans
- steamed broccoli & cauliflower
- Barilla Plus omega 3 whole grain spaghetti
- organic mushroom sauce (490mg of sodium per serving)

- fruit juice cocktail
- water with lemon


Wow, you're missing the main food group that you need most!
If you have iron deficiney, you should be loading up on the red meat!
Red meat will help to restore and maintain iron levels and is a great source of protein. You're eating a great amount of vegetables and pulses (beans), as well as whole grain products, but just add up on foods that are rich in iron such as red meat, figs, apricots, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts etc.

Very healthy, except I'm not sure what "fruit juice cocktail" refers to. If just a blend of different juices, fine. A spread made with olive oil like Smart Balance is a better choice than butter.
Do some internet research about your varied goals to determine foods that will help you attain them (from this menu I think you may have already). That way, you have a grasp of the big picture and don't have to ask about individual meals.

You need a protein. You need something from each food group. To make a balance healthy diet. If you are a vegeterian. You have to replace the protein some type of way.

Sounds heaps healthy :)

Sounds healthy to me..

sounds okay to me

i think it is

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