Hypothetically, what would your opinion be if...?!

Question: Hypothetically, what would your opinion be if...?
Hypothetically, an alien race invades the earth. Their intelligent far surpasses the intelligence of even the smartest human being. Now, these creatures suddenly decide they like the taste of human flesh and a woman's breast milk. They begin to capture human beings, confining them to small spaces in order to conserve space, pumping females with hormones to keep breast milk producing even though it makes their breasts sore and swollen and the hormones have an awful effect on the overall health of the woman. Human males are forced to breed with human females and the offspring produced is keep separated from them as the creatures find the flesh of young humans to be delectable. Human males are castrated after meeting breeding purposes and forced into lives of confinement until they meet slaughter with their female counterparts.
For convenience, the creatures hang humans by their feet and slit their throat, collecting the blood to drink later. The human sometimes doesn't die automatically and hangs upside down, tortured, until death finally comes. Some aliens are nicer than other, they give the human a shock that supposedly dulls the sense before slaughtering them.

This is absolutely horrific,right? Everyone obviously knows the intelligence of human beings and yet these aliens came and challenged it and happened to win because their knowledge was of a different kind. Human beings were on the planet first and yet the aliens still came and took over because they believed they had the right.

This is what happens to animals everyday when they are slaughtered for the convenience of a tasty meal to human beings.

Vegetarians and Vegans will think this is wrong. What about the rest of you? I have asked this once before and am just wondering if the answers might differ this time around.


The question is not can they reason, but can they suffer?

they wouldn't "invade" the Earth like you think....

if that happened, I'd wonder why the aliens were doing it. ANd what makes the ones that do it different from the ones that don't do it. I'd wonder why the ones that did it, had to do it.

I'm waiting for the "if you didn't eat them, they'd eat you" line.

You don't have a case here.

First, if a alien race can invade earth, they're obviously quite advanced.....AND STILL EAT MEAT! That suggests to me that eating meat is a good thing for our future civilization.

Second, we don't care whether animals eat other animals. We eat herbivores (cows), omnivores (chickens and hogs), some people eat cats (carnivores). Why in the world do you think these advanced aliens would care whether we eat meat or not? They'd eat us anyway. So have another steak because giving up meat eating will not protect us from those invading aliens.

ADDED: Chuckle. No rant there. I gave you an opinion. You don't like it, though, because you don't have a response. These intelligent, superior beings eat meat. That has to suggest eating meat is a good thing. There's no reason to think giving up eating meat ourselves would save us from these advanced, intelligent aliens.

The difference in your "fairy tale" and real life is that humans would fight back. We'd arm ourselves and fight for our lives. Domesticated farm animals don't.

EARTHLINGS didn't prepare you for this, did it?

ADDED II: And now you're changing the subject. That usually means I win. Where did anyone mention killing anything in the wild. You told a story. I point out that it's, frankly, pointless. You don't like modern farming, don't eat meat. But don't pretend it's wrong because 99% of the rest of the world (or at least the US), disagree with you.

And meat/animal products are more than "merely palatable". They contain many nutrients that are hard to get or impossible to get from plants. You cannot get vitamin B12 from plants. Every reliable veg*n source on the net (The Vegan Society, VRG, VeganHealth, theveganRD) say you MUST supplement for B12.

ADDED III: LOL. Advanced, intelligent civilizations find meat to be good. Now who would have expected a vegan to present that idea. Show me somewhere animals have attacked a group of people at a slaughter house? And they could. A cow weighs about 1500 lbs; the guy trying to keep her in line to be slaughtered weighs about 200. There are maybe 100 of those cows in a pen for slaughter and probably five people. Why don't these animals attack the humans? You can bet your sweet bippie that if it were humans in that situation they'd attack and try to save their lives and all the other humans being readied for slaughter. That's one reason humans are a superior animal to cows. Not that cows aren't worthwhile animals. They certainly are.....but they're cows. Cows, hogs and chickens are not intimidated by guns! They have no idea what it is! Better get that EARTHLINGS video out again and see where you missed this part.

ADDED IV? Yes, you tell people over and over that they don't need to supplement for B12, even though major veg*n groups (the vegan society, VeganHealth, VRG, theVeganRD), educated people who have been vegan probably longer than you've been alive, say differently. You're wrong. And it's dangerous for you to pass on such wrong information....so I'll keep telling people about B12 and using my VEGAN references to show how wrong you are.

But let's not change the subject here. I like to talk about advanced, intelligent aliens who eat meat. That is the point of this thread, right?

I like this question a lot, because this is exactly what people are doing.
I find it wrong, horrible, and disgusting.
I don't know anyone who would find this acceptable.
However, people will tend to think that since it ISN'T them, it's okay.
Some people just don't understand how horribly animals are treated.
Some people need to show some empathy to other living beings.
Your point is taken.


you should post on different sites. at first i was staring at it like this si horrible and then I realized how horrible it is. I'm already turning into a vegetarian but hey thanks for the new point of view. if your are still in school you should submit it to Teen Ink. here's there website. if it gets published and people might know. ( i know it seems totally random but my English teacher has these and we all read it) I hope this is helpful :)

Do you not understand that every living species on this earth eats other living species to survive? You have NO RIGHT to pass judgment on how the entire world works based on your minority moral opinion. The chicken eats the worm, I eat the chicken, the worm feasts on my body after I get put in the ground.

It's called nature. Life. Cycle of.


Don't like it? I hear they're now selling tickets to take people to outer space. Maybe there's another planet out there that operates differently and you'll be happy there.

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