What do you think is the greatest album ever and your favourite ?!

Question: What do you think is the greatest album ever and your favourite ?
And why ?


Diary of a madman by Ozzy Osbourne. The one with the ORIGINAL bass and drum tracks of course lol.

My favorite album ever is "Blood on the Tracks" by Bob Dylan. It's my favorite because I love every single song on it. From start to finish it's faultless, it opens with "Tangled Up In Blue" and finishes with the brilliant "Buckets of Rain" Blood on the Tracks may not even be Dylan's best album, that award might go to "Blonde on Blonde" but for it's consistency to keep the listener interested throughout it gets my vote for favorite album ever.

I couldn't name the greatest album ever sorry. That is purely an opinion based thing, and we would have people arguing all year long about which album is the greatest of all time. There is no answer to that question.

I have 3 (tie)

1. Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of the best albums I have ever ever heard. It has amazing lyrics, and shows the versatility of the band.

2. Californication by RHCP. Amazing. It combined their stuff from BSSM, One Hot minute, and some new styles so they keep it interesting.

3. Nevermind by Nirvana. Showed that they can make a catchy and moody album for the first album. Defined their career, and I love it.

Greatest album ever changes for me. Right now Its my number one pick, Blood Sugar Sex Magik

i agree with jonathan. downtown battle mountain is an amazing album. all the songs on there are pretty good. johnny craigs singing paired with the hardcore screams is unmatched to any band ive ever heard.and not every song on there is hardcore which is good for people who arent into that.

Is This It by The Strokes

This is their debut album and it is excellent. They are one of my favorite bands. Every song is perfection.

My favorite album is Origin Of Symmetry by Muse.
I like cause' I love pretty much every song on it.

'Don't Break the Oath' by Mercyful Fate
'Conspiracy' by King Diamond

Because both are brilliant Metal albums.

mine is downtown battle mountain by dace gavin dance

because its all soo good and i love all the songs on there, and some are hardcore and some arent.

Appetite for destruction
guns n roses

London Calling By The Clash

Why? I love all the songs off that album.

to me its nihil by kmfdm

why? i dont know i just like it

Rubber Soul by the Beatles

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