Do you think the Marquez/Lopez fight was fairly refereed?!

Question: Do you think the Marquez/Lopez fight was fairly refereed?
Throughout the whole fight Marquez kept bending at the Lopez held him down...Lopez had a point deduction for that by Tony Weeks. Marquez did it all night.True or False.when you're in the heat of battle ...throwing and catching punches.Do you stop to wonder why he keeps bending to the waist or why the man keeps turning? Don't you just keep fighting?Tell me if im wrong.I can take it.But when you're in a fight you keep your head.Right or wrong? Marquez complained about rabbit punching.But he kept turning his back on Lopez. So tell me ,is that a fair way to referee a fight like that?It seemed one sided.Did you happen to see this fight.If so...what did you see?Thank you very much.


Lopez beat Marquez thoroughly and fairly.

the ref did a good job inthat fight lopez has the habit of hitting behind of the head in all his fights.

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