What is this woman's problem?!

Question: What is this woman's problem?
I have a friend who offered to babysit for me every weekend and told me that she would like to help me out. This woman is bipolar and I know she does not take medicine. She has done many things to help me but sometimes she is inconsistent with behavior and things she has said is contradictory. One time she said I am going to have somebody come to your house and put in built in shelves and then she never mentioned it again. Then, another time she said that the DHS would do a "witch hunt" on me and she got me all upset and then found out that was just something that she apparently had made up because she said that to get DHS to help you that they need to do a witch hunt or whatever and was using that as a figure of speech. Anyway, she has been acting strange lately. She has been keeping my son over the weekend and she said she could help me but for two weekends she could not. Then out of the blue she said she is having her husband over for one week and she cannot help me at all. In the past, she has always said her husband and she considers my son part of the family and would love him to come over. Basically, I know this woman does not have to help me in any way, shape, or form but she has offered the help to help me because her son is disabled and so is mine. Now, my help is running out. I am thinking of distancing myself from her due to not being able to count on her long-term. What do you think?


'This woman is bipolar and I know she does not take medicine. '

I think that answers everything.

I agree with the above poster. if this person is not on medication and is bipolar, you probably shouldn't count on them to watch your kids. and yeah you probably should distance yourself from her in general.

wow..thats weird

You have answered your own question...
she is bi-polar & isn't taking any medication (unfortunately, it is often difficult to get someone who is bi-polar to stay on their meds)

What do I think you should do?

Either distance yourself (as you have planned)
- or -
Accept the nature of her disabilities & with that, keep in mind that anything she suggests or offers may not work out as planned. I am sure she intends well when she says things... she is just unstable (I have a 1/2 sister who is bi-polar, I know how frustrating those instabilities can be)

If your son benefits from the relationship with her or her son, then it is worth considering a "accommodation" on your part (meaning acceptance of her bi-polar disorder as her disability)

If neither you or your son benefit, then it is worth looking at whatever option best serves your needs.

---- I gotta ask... what the heck do you mean she is having her husband over for a week

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