Best to fry steak on high heat or low heat?!

Question: low...with lots of onions~

Answers: low...with lots of onions~

low heat cooks it slow so you don't loose the flavor and itwill be more tender than fast cooking on high heat

high heat will just burn the crap out of it, and itll be crispy.
if you like a hockey puck, high heat, if not, low.

low heat... it keeps the juisses in and keeps it soft...(mouth waters)

High heat to get it nicely browned on the outside, tender, pink and juicy on the inside. Broiling or grilling is truly the best way to do it. Enjoy!

Well, it will depend on the quality of the steak. If it's really good, all three methods are good. LOL

Now, I prefer low heat. It makes the meat tender, juicy and it will be even (not overcooked on the outside and rare inside ;) ).

S i r i's comment is really good. Though I prefer it with parsley and garlic. :)

if you serve it well-done ?

or med - rare, or rare
which meat selection are you serving

High heat for a few min on each side...than low heat

the reason for this: you want to sear it for a bit so that it locks in all the juices and flavour so it doesnt become Leathery and dry

Cooking steak on high heat on the stove top will sear the meat making sure the juices stay inside. The pan must be extremely hot for this to work correctly. Cooking on low heat will make the steak gray and chewy resulting in disappointment.

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