Help! I need Ideas for my 18th birthday party!?!

Question: anyone have any ideas?

Answers: anyone have any ideas?

Let everyone chip in some cash and rent a party bus. It'll take you to about four top clubs in one night- v.i.p treatment of course! My friend did one and I went along, it was a fab night.

You could have a sleep over- boys and girls if you're aloud (no misbehaving). With favorite movies, a popcorn, candy floss maker and chocolate fondue set for the ultimate snack-fest time.

Why not throw a fancy dress bowling, roller skate or ice skating party, depending on how up4it you're friends are.
Remember you'll only turn 18 once so have fun and enjoy!

Fondue...easy to make and usually a lot of fun.

When I turned 18, I got a lottery ticket and a nudie mag because it was legal. Get a few magazines and post the pics all over the room with silver or gold decorations and let that be the dance floor. Watch the guys faces as they enter a room covered in nude men! Great!

Music Decoration food
4 music songs u like n everyone else does to
Decorations pick yo 2 fav colors n decorate where eva u havin it 2 with those go to like a party store maybe have a banner ova the front entrance wit yo name on it.
Food nothin big i would have like finger foods then like maybe chicken wings. Oh n if u don't have any borrow some speakers for the music

Don't have one! Go out to eat with a few friends! And depending where you live, it is legal to gamble! Go play some poker, get some lottery tickets! Anything that is now legal, go do it!

u shood go swimmin

well im having a little trouble myself for my 18th b-day..i think im just gonna take some friends out to eat or go out of town and do something fun...

I like the Motorcycles.. the, I will love to have a Motorcycle Theme Party!! Actually some of my friends have this cake and I love the motorcycle on the top, the offer cupcakes I like it
I hope you like it too..

Have fun!!

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