Party ideas for a 50th birthday?!

Question: I am planning a part for my mom's 50th birthday in March. But I have no clue what to do. Any ideas. Thanks

Answers: I am planning a part for my mom's 50th birthday in March. But I have no clue what to do. Any ideas. Thanks


I'm turning 50 this year too so music from the 50's like another poster said. I listen to 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's rock. Some good champagne, family and friends and some good BBQ wold make me happy. Invite who she likes, Serve what she likes and Play the music she likes.

Have a 50's style birthday with music from the 50s and all dressed up like Ava Gardner and Marylin Monroe

You could invite a bunch of her friends to a club like a neighborhood clubhouse or something and have a dance party if she is in to that. if you haven't already said something then make it a surprize. that will make it more special.

Okay, so she was born in '58, right? So she was probably in high school in the '70's. Use her favorite high school music as a starting point. Continue with the country music, too. Did she disco? Rent a disco ball and similar decorations. Find something she really liked in high school or college, something that was popular (Star Wars, Jaws, Saturday Night Fever, etc.) and use that as a starting point for a theme. Harrison Ford fanatic? Buy one of those life-size posters. Of course, you have to have the "Over the Hill" buttons and hats for kicks. Pick a movie, song or general era, and use those colors to help coordinate.

well, if having country music- you can make it a country type theme. when doing a surprise party you may not want guests to dress up because your mom might feel bad that she didn't get to dress up too.
have all western type decorations- small bails of hay on the tables, wild flowers in jars, handkerchiefs for napkins, raffia for ribbons, cowboy hats, cow boy boots- that type of stuff. look here for some supplies and ideas
you can play fun games like cow-pie toss (use something other than real cow pies!), lasso contest, hog tie contest, pin the tail on the pig- stuff like that.
teach some square dancing or a line dance to guests, hire a fiddler to come play some tunes on his fiddle!
burn CDs of favorite country songs to give as party favors
make a picture board of pics of your mom throughout the years- we did this for my moms 60th surprise party and she had a good time showing off her pics to everyone! we got one of those frames the guests can sign too, then you stick a picture from the event in it.

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