Food ideas for an 8 year old afternoon pamper/spa party?!

Question: the party will be at the spa itself, so far i was thinking maybe to have a chocolate fondue with cut up fruit and marshmallows
my daughter also wants chip and dip.

Answers: the party will be at the spa itself, so far i was thinking maybe to have a chocolate fondue with cut up fruit and marshmallows
my daughter also wants chip and dip.

if you're going to have a spa day why not emrace the whole healthy eating aspect of taking care of yourself as well...

Fruit smoothies are a healthy favorite with kids.

Also it's really fun for kids to do do the fondue thing like you suggest, but i have a twist for ya...

Do a warm chicken broth or vegetable broth in a pot. Cut really thin pieces of chicken, fish, vegetables and the like and let the kids dip them in the hot broth to cook them themselves... It's healthy interactive and fun...

If you really want to get creative you can go to a craft store and buy river rocks, heat them in a 400-500 degree oven till they are HOT! then poor them into a casserole dish surrounded with cloth napkins and cook on those...

Meh... I'm done...

Good luck, have fun...


When i was younger we had a spa day party also and we had cucumber sandwiches. My mom made them bc of the whole cucumber on eyes thing.

Why does an eight year old need pampering? Parents are too soft these days, you are just going to raise a lazy kid. We used to go roller skating and after have good old hot dogs and nacho's. Ahhhhhhh the good old days.

mini English muffin pizzas, pigs in blankets, punch with ice cubes that were frozen with pieces of fruit in them

You could make peaunut butter and jelly with the crusts cut off. Shirley temples with cherries. Margerita glasses filled with an assorment of candies. Puppy chow, (that's is the chex mix kind). Mini cheesecake bites. Apple slices with caramel. That's sounds soo good. I'm hungry now.

The food is to be served at the spa too?
You could do chocolate dipped fruit, etc...but I'd have it done as a done deal and bring in on a chilled platter. Chocolate covered strawberries, etc.

I'd ask the manager for suggestions; however,
I'd keep it finger foods only,
Cookies, at least two types--neither with nuts *could get fancy and make look like a hamburger with the works.

Two types of mini sandwiches cut into fancy shapes (use fancy picks) or chicken fingers, or
tiny pizza rounds on canned biscuits or pie crust shells

Water, juice with straws in closed container.

Mustard/ketchup squirt bottles if you've just got to have chips/dip.
Personally I'd try to talk her out of the dip for the party in the spa unless the spa clears it. Dip/carpet...I don't think so.

what ever happened to just having your kid invite a few friends to the house for cake and ice cream, then open presents and play a few games?
Spa party for an 8 year old!? a little over the top I think :(

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