Birthday party ideas!!!!! girl 10-12?!

Question: What are some good ideas for a 10-12 year old girl's birthday party? HELP SOON PLEASE!

Answers: What are some good ideas for a 10-12 year old girl's birthday party? HELP SOON PLEASE!

Here is a website with lots of fun themes, games and activities for tweens (ages 10 - 12) birthday parties.

Well alot of ppl that age would like themed partys or formal ones. Now i was 12 last year i would have liked to go to a water park for my birthday or mabey a themed party for example: Jungle theme, you can decorate the ceilings with green paper rolls and let them hang as low as you can, that would be cool, And decorate the walls with mabey cut out animals and stuff like that. You can also have a themed one like water. have like a squirt gun station and have an area where the kids play. Thats fun xD Well these are some ideas!

omg she could have a hello kitty themed b-day i had one and i loved it im 11 make a red velvet cake put pink icing on it then get a pic off of the enternet cut it out and use the shape to trace but do that before the pink icing i have a pic of mine and i loved it so much and the party store or walmart ussually has hello kitty cups plates and napkins good luck i can email the pic if i can get an adress

a sleepover! or a shopping spree 4 everyone and the birthday girls' parents pay!

Do you have a Build-A-Bear anywhere near you? Those are always fun. Parties at Pizza Hut and the arcade (if you have one of those) tend to be fun for both boys and girls. What about an ice skating rink? I think I had my tenth birthday party at one of those, and it was a blast.

you can have a movie night and a sleepover. Get nail polish and girl makeup so they can do makeovers while they are watching their movies. Theme it like a harry potter movie night. you pick out the movies first.

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