Girls Night Out--Easy 10 points!!!?!

Question: Starting in 2008 me and my girls vowed to have Girls Night Out at least once a month. Well its Feb and of course we just finished Jan, and it my turn to plan. I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, and wanted some fun ideas.

Answers: Starting in 2008 me and my girls vowed to have Girls Night Out at least once a month. Well its Feb and of course we just finished Jan, and it my turn to plan. I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, and wanted some fun ideas.

A suggestion if you would like to include dinner into your plans. I am very fond of Tapas, this is Spanish for "bar food", essentially you order appetizer portions of food for your dinner.this allows for a taste adventure and the atmosphere in most Tapas restaurants is very up beat. The tapas served at my favorite place is a blend of cultures, I always find something new. Dinner followed by a jazz or comedy club will have your friends thinking you are worldly, maybe!! Have fun do not worry to mush I bet your friends just want to be with you.

Go to a local sports bar and play pool, darts, etc while eating wings and having drinks.

still january here

Sweetie, it's January 13th. Not quite February yet. I don't really have a great answer for you, but wanted to make sure you understood it's still January. :P

Thanks for making me smile. Have a great night.

The Italian girl
~ Ragazza

Try a theme sleepover like princess, any TV show or cartoon. have a tent inside. get a fun movie with popcorn. You could make a cake with guests. Doing each others hai could be fun. Dance with the music.

Me and my friends like to do random things, like ice skating, roller blading, or even an indoor roller rink would be fun, or maybe laser tag. Something active, fun and that you could take pictures at for later.

Then do something quiter, like maybe go to a movie, and top it off with some time at a sports bar. That should make for a fun evening.

have a fun party. dont know what it is well let me tel ya. its a party for ladies only and u vew and learn aboout sex toys and other erotic fun and ya girls will have a ball. then ur husband will thank u later. u go girl.

i read this in a magazine once:
don't go shopping or anything and the guests are allowed to use whatever is in your kitchen (try and make sure the ingredients don't go together though (like spaghetti and sauce) to make a wacky dish. then you have someone else judge. the winner gets to dance around the kitchen while the others clean up the mess.

A movie then dinner out is always fun with a group of girlfriends.


Chip in for a limo and go to dinner and a play

go to see the male strippers.

Since it is in Feb, why not have a romance theme? Lots of Valentine's Day stuff will be so cheap if you are having it after the 14th. Go to the most romantic spot you can find and be as cheesy as possible! It would be so fun and funny to take your girlfriends on a romantic rendezvous!

I see that some of the answers you received were for kids not a grown woman. Me and my girls go out to strip clubs, Fri. or Sat. night we go to the bar or play cards at one of the girls houses, movies, and spas. You can try comedy clubs, out for lunch/dinner, nightclubs. We try not to make it where its very expensive due to the fact that we all have families that we need to take care of.

My friends and I are going to a local nail salon for an after hours party. We can bring whatever we want and it will just be us girlfriends chatting and getting pampered together.

me and my sisters (there are 5 of us) always have "Sister Day" (doesn't just have to be a "night" out of drinking- it can be a fun day planned!). One of us is still a minor, so we can't make it out to the bars with her yet! Some stuff we do or things you guys can do:
movies (Budget theater is always good to save a buck!)
out to eat at different places- fondue, hibachi, sushi, buffet- whatever!
ice skating/roller skating
horseback riding
different tours around the area- famous landmarks, city tours, wine/brewery tours
beauty schools for hair treatments or nails
palm readers or tarrot card readers
take a dance class together- belly dancing, hula, swing, pole dancing!
comedy clubs
anyplace overlooking the city you can go to? like a fancy bar?
boat tours with dinner or drinks?
strip clubs to see the men shake their fannies! (is more fun with a few drinks in you!)
you can have a purse party or a pampered chef type party, maybe a sex party like Passion Parties or Slumber Parties
how about a clothes exchange party- I have these and they are great- invite your friends over to exchange old clothes they don't wear anymore! every item you bring you can take and item- whatever you want- pants, shirts, swim suits, purses, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry- whatever.
scrapbooking party- bring over pictures and supplies you allready have and make scrapbooks- share tips and tools
jewelry party- buy supplies and make jewelry together
I have 80s parties every year for friends and they are SO FUN! everyone dresses up, play 80s music, eat snacks, play trivia, we play a gift exchange game also that is super fun! I have a special prize for best dressed also
craft shows
at home spa party- do nails, home made facials, look through fashion magazines, makeup tips
go see a play or concert together- get dressed up all fancy!
start a book club together and discuss the book

OK- I rambled on and on...hopefully I gave you a few good ideas! whatever you do make sure you have yummy appeitzers and a different "fun" drink- something other than run-of-the-mill beer and wine!

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