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Question: Can somebody give me some good sweet sixteen party themes or ideas???

Answers: Can somebody give me some good sweet sixteen party themes or ideas???

Do a Jonas Brothers theme party. You've got the music, just put some pictures up, and if you want, you could do a prom theme. Or do a When You Look Me In The Eyes theme (I don't know how that'd be, but maybe more of a slow ballad night? Where you can dance to Jonas Brothers songs, like Hello Beautiful, Please Be Mine, When You Look Me In The Eyes, etc.).

Plus, it's another excuse to listen to the best band in the world, so why not? Unless you've got other ideas. You could even throw in Crank Dat, or Just Want You To Know (by the Backstreet Boys. I only know these songs because Joe sang them on the chat).

check out this website it might help you on some cool ideas. good luck

I TTLY agree do a Jonas Brothers theme and see if they can performe at your party! That's what I'm going to try to do!

- pajamas
- plaid/polka dots
- winter wonderland
- beach/laua/summer
- colors (pick your favorite 2 or 3) like pink and black, all white, blue and silver, black and white.
- decade, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s
- a futuristic theme
- spy
- specific city like London or New York or Las Vegas.
- murder mystery
- carnival
- casino
- celebs
- your favorite sport or hobby
- mardi gras
- masquerade
- asian
- hollywood/awards show
- your favorite movie
- pirates
- western
- fiesta
- princess and princes of course
- rock and roll
- magic
- candy
- fairytale
- fashion
- cartoon characters
- super heros
- rave/dance
- back to the good old days (have a barbie or cars themed little kids type party w/a pinata. lol!)

for my 16th i had a Karaoke Jukebox and party lights and lots of yummy food.. one of my friends did fire twirling for me and it so much fun.

dancing is the best thing about parties

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