I needs some food and beverage ideas for a Martini themed Party.?!

Question: We have about 40 guests and a 1200.00 budget to work with. It will be in spring and at night. What do you think?

Answers: We have about 40 guests and a 1200.00 budget to work with. It will be in spring and at night. What do you think?

Martini's inspire me to think of retro and elegant food. You have a decent budget to do this with, so here are some ideas:

1. Plan on 2 - 4 drinks per person
2. Plan on 5 - 10 appetizers per person, depending on how long you're party is.
3. Plan on a combination of cold and hot appetizers, as well as some at room temperature.
4. Plan on a signature martini for the evening.
5. Cold appetizers: colossal prawns on ice with cocktail sauce and lemon, smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers, minced red onions and chopped tomatos on mini bagles, sliced English cucumber topped with creme fraiche and cavier, use japanese soup spoons to serve up bite sized portions of: curried chicken salad, seafood salad, borscht, seviche. Fresh fruit skewers with sourcream and brown sugar dipping sauces. Fresh vege platter with a ranch dipping sauce.
6. Room Temperature Appetizers: cheese platter with spanish manchego, brie with mushrooms, white cheddar, cambozola, havarti dill, and crisp green globe grapes. Serve with artisan crackers. Baked ham for slicing, serve with mini orange muffins and whipped cream cheese. Cured meats platter, including sopressata, fennel salami, peppered salami, serrano ham, marinated mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts.
7. Hot Appetizers: smokies in puff pastry wraps, hot artichoke and crab dip with blue corn tortilla chips, hot wings, mini shortribs in barbecue sauce, chili con queso with tortilla chips, mini empanadas, meatballs in bread bowls with marinara dipping sauce, chicken skewers with a peanut dipping sauce, roast beef on mini rolls with a horseradish cream sauce.
8. Dessert: mini brownie bites, cookies, lemon tarts, pecan pie tarts, white chocolate raspberry bars, dark and white chocolate mousse in shot glasses.


Chocolate martini


have fun


You want it simple or fussy??? Dirty Martinis or Gin Gibsons are great, and you can go from there......Oh, and you might want to steer clear of the more complicated (more than 2 ingredients, if you will) Martinis, as they've gotten rather passe.......Cosmopolitans still rule here in California, though.....but you can make them ahead of time in a large batch then mix on ice and serve in a Martini glass, accordingly.......Food ideas, you didn't say the duration of the party, but I can only drink about 3 Martinis and I'm pretty hammered, sooooooooo if you could add a duration to the party, I'd be happy to edit this and give you some good food ideas that are popular at cocktail parties currently......


Canape's are probably the best way to go and a big salad food wise.
Re. Drinks - obviously traditional Martini's and may I suggest a few jugs of moijto's and a large non-alcoholic punch!!!
I'm jealous now and want to come along - have fun!! ;)

How about a James Bond theme? ("shaken not stirred!") You could go with the whole secret agent theme.

Just a thought. . .

This is a tip you can use any time you plan to entertain a crowd of highly mobile people "easy to handle food" this might seem like a simple concept but as a culinary student who just finish a semester on such topics its is easy to get distracted from the simple concepts. I had to createe finger foods for a exam and I chose to creat a beautifully modern canape out of boiled eggs, well I got caught up in the look of the dish and payed no attention to the fact that eggs are about the most slipperiest foods around so do not make good finger food, keeping this concept in mind should also narrow your choices for food to simple thing. cheese, dried salami, fruits, the foods you choose should have strong enough flavors to not be overwhelmed by the alcohol.

Sounds like you've gotten excellent advice on the food here. Just a few general tips to help things go smoothly with the food and drink service:

- Keep a rug or cloth under and behind the bar to protect rug and floor from spills

- If you're using a table as your bar, make sure it's strong and VERY steady to avoid tipping or collapsing

- In terms of capacity, I think 3 martinis/person would be at the upper end. Make sure you have a couple other liquors (1 bottle ea. of scotch, bourbon, rum), mixers (2 bottles ea. of club soda, tonic water; 4 bottles or 3 six-packs ea. of 7-Up, coke) and wine (maybe 2-3 each of white and cabernet or merlot) for those who don't do gin or vodka. Often liquor stores will let you return unopened bottles.

- Plan on bottled water (2 cases small bottles), sodas (esp. sugar-free, caffeine-free - your 7-Up and Coke can double here) being as popular as martinis, so you'll need ice and glasses for these also

- Have a coffee/tea service available and close bar 30-60 min before party ends; maybe serve sweets with coffee at this time

- Keep bar as far as possible from food and snacks to prevent bottlenecks and keep the traffic flowing

- If possible, hire a bartender to handle the drinks and a server for the foods so that you can enjoy your party to the fullest (avg wage $8-12/hr + tip or tip jar; call a temp service or ask friends or your local watering hole)

Good luck and have fun!!! =)

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