Best 1st b-day party?!

Question: i want my sons 1st party to be the best, unique and different and very fun! anyone have suggestions on games, anything! thanks

Answers: i want my sons 1st party to be the best, unique and different and very fun! anyone have suggestions on games, anything! thanks

MY 1st kids was a smurf but that was some 20-someyears ago, we had one heck of a time ,i played papa ( corney) smurf. my neices,nephews had other popular themes,and of course had a good result,i think it all has to do with coordinating your guest's to what you want to do so they are not surprized at the meeting and are more guided to your intent ! wherethen you can direct YOUR theme ( the kids only 1 so who's b-day is it -hee) this party (theme) will haunt you for some years,,,,,,, cause of you i'm a smurf type thing . SO be careful what you ask for .
have (SAFE) fun.....and good luck !!
oh !

.Really 1st b-day any thing you do will be okay take pictures, have a cake he/she can smack into, and blow out a candle.At that age what they want to do is have fun. Basically it's about the adults

If you want your son's first birthday party to be unique, invite his family only. Bake a cake, put a cute hat on his head and take lots of photos.

You are only trying to make yourself happy for the day. The photos will make your child happy only when he is much older. Save all the frivolity for a time that he will remember.

Just enjoy him and leave off all the games etc. that mean nothing to him at this time. Have fun at the celebration.
*Get some cars and trucks so they can play with the road.

Watch the movie "Cars".

Play "Red Light, Green Light".

Make cars out of boxes for the kids to wear as they go through the obstacle course (see below). Cut the bottom and top off of boxes and attach ropes so the kids can wear the boxes over their shoulders. Allow the kids to decorate their boxes with crayons, markers, washable paint, construction paper, etc.

Set up an obstacle course that the kids can "drive" through: put streamers on the ground for a river, long boxes for tunnels, tires, cones, etc. and tell them to make car sounds as the go through it. Make "licenses" or certificates to give the kids once they finish their driving test.

You can definitely find plates, cups, treat bags, and napkins to match the theme.

Make jello jigglers in circular shapes (red, green, and yellow). Place the circles to look like stoplights. You can also make stoplights by using graham crackers, frosting, and m&m's.

Some cake ideas would be a racetrack cake, stoplight cake, car cake, tire cake, license plate cake, checkered flags, or order one from the bakery.

For party favors, give out hot wheels, coloring books, pencils, wind up cars, anything car themed. Another party favor is candy cars. Attack 4 circular candies such as peppermints or mini reese's cups or lifesavers (wheels) to a rectangular piece such as a large pack of Big Red or Juicy Fruit gum. Get a bag of the snack size candy bars (krackel, crunch, mr. goodbar, hershey, etc) to attach as a spoiler and headlights to the front with a hot glue gun.

Here's some more games and activities!

Have Fun!

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