What's a good place to have a 16th birthday party?!

Question: thats around or under $100. where to go, what to do, i need lots of ideas!

Answers: thats around or under $100. where to go, what to do, i need lots of ideas!

you could have a jewelry making party, and just have a girls movie that you know everyone likes and have pizza or chicken wings, or fruit and veggie platter and cake. or use the same food but have a luau hawaiian party, (that stuff should be cheap at your local party store.) happy 16th!

maybe your local skating rink??

what city are you in, or near?

I would try decorating my house or somiin like that............................... or maybe do it in a great restuarant!

Maybe you can have a bowling party with a few friends.

Skating rink
Bowling alley
Benihana or other Japanese Steakhouse
Sushi bar
If you live in a city that has an expensive hotel that does "high tea", that would be fun. Or you could go to a tea parlor.
Murder Mystery/Dinner
Indoor pool (unless you live somewhere warm)

It depends on what type of person you are. On my 16th Birthday, I went paintballing. But if thats not the type of person you are, I don't have much advice.

A public park, you could set up a tent and do grilling. Also it allows for a ton of cheap activities/ accessories (sound station, keepsakes, etc.) Maybe you can Rent a ballroom for that much somewhere, but I doubt it. Maybe your church, 4-H club, Kiwanis, or friends has a large space that you can use.
Maybe even your school would let you use a facility, you never know unless you ask.

i think any where you have fun is a good place

go to dinner at a pizza place or a Sabres game since your in buffalo.

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