Iam having a coctail party would it be a good idea to have a?!

Question: candy bar also for desert and at a coctail party is it just martini drinks serve or all kinds thanks

Answers: candy bar also for desert and at a coctail party is it just martini drinks serve or all kinds thanks

Cocktails and candy don't mix. Serve savory appetizers and finger foods. Cheese & bread is good. Packaged hot appetizers are easy.

The cocktails you serve hinge on the types of alcohol. Pick a single liquor for mixed drinks, and offer 3 variations. For instance, if you serve Vodka, than offer cosmopolitans and lemon drops. Have a bottle of straight whiskey on hand. Scotch and Bourbon are favorites. Get a few six packs of beer & bottles of wine. You need plenty of ice.

A theme is helpful to tie things together. For instance, Mexican Theme: Serve Tequila drinks, mini-tacos, chips & salsa, etc.

you can serve whatever types of drinks you want
candy bar might be a little less....appetizing with alcohol. do your friends eat a lot of candy or something? maybe just make a cheesecake or a cookie platter instead.

first lets take a look at whats going on here.....its a cocktail party so that means its for grown ups.....is your candy bar like a bar of candy choices or a literal candy bar like a snickers bar?......either way NO NO NO.....again its for grown ups and grown ups dont eat candy while drinking alcohol...go to your local bakery and get (or make them yourself) some mini cheescakes or a cheesecake platter that has different types of cake on it...get some petit fours and other finger type deserts...now addressing your drink issue....no it is not just martinis.....i cant stand vermouth so i would not enjoy any party that served only martinis...you will want to have a variety of liquor on hand and beer and wine for those who dont like or drink liquor....also dont forget the extras that go along with some cocktails like sugar, salt, olives, cherries, cream, milk, mixers like soda and juice, lemons, limes and plenty of ice...good luck

You should plan to have a few choices like martinis, cosmos, wine etc. As far as spirits go, all you need is a bottle of vodka, rum and gin on-hand. Also have plenty of ice, chilled fruit juices (cranberry, pineapple, orange, grapefruit), soda and seltzer. With these you can make just about anything. Add tequila, triple sec and lemon lime syrup if you want to prepare margaritas. Garnishes can include cherries, olives, lime/lemon wedges and orange slices.

You can offer one-bite sweets that guests can help themselves to like mini-cheesecakes, truffles, a platter of fruit and cheeses. Get bakery-bought desserts, brownies, chocolate sauces served with fruit, a walnut tart, sugar cookies, amaretto coffee and assorted dessert wines.

Not too sure about the candy bar. Maybe fill bowls with nuts, M&M's or Hershey's kisses for your guest to enjoy.

yesh!!!good idea,all kinds...
make some ritz with chesee!

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