Outdoor Weddings. Okay, we'll have a tent but what about toilet facilities? Have any of you had an outdoor!

Question: wedding? Where did you choose to have it, what were the drawbacks and the perks?

Answers: wedding? Where did you choose to have it, what were the drawbacks and the perks?

I was at my cousins' weddings, they were both outdoors in the summer on some really swank grounds. The parents rented port-a-potties. Nobody minded, there was enough champagne and wine for anybody to care. They even decorated the insides walls with pictures of the happy couples. Then the port-a-potty people come the next day and picked them up. So you can have a really posh wedding with port-a-potties, nobody will mind.

I was married in a park. The obvious danger is rain, if you are having a tent then you should be good. I wouldn't worry about bathrooms, most ceremonies aren't that long. You will just have to get ready at home and drive to the location, unless they have a changing facility. I loved having the ceremony outside. The pictures came back gorgeous with the sky background. I would recommend it. You just have to be prepared for the worst.

I had mine outdoors almost 7 years ago. We had it at my parents house overlooking the Napa Valley ( Wine Country in Northern CA) . It was beautiful!
I suggest either a park with bathrooms or if you know someone who is willing to have it at their house then have it there!

Need to get going! My son is making a mess out of the bathroom!
Good luck and congrats!
Cottonwood, Ca
Married: 7-7-01
Napa Valley, CA

The newer "porta potties" will not smell, you wouldn;t want them right next to the tent but you will have no problem with them. 3 bathrooms for 300 people will mean your guests will spend a chunk of htere evening waiting in line. Im a caterer and have done weddings of that size outdoors, things you need to worry about...Ice! you wouldn;t believe the amount of ice you will go through, of course weather if it looks like rainhave an umbrella stand so people can get to the washrooms without getting wet, and depending on where you live and hte time of year mosquitos-bugs etc. It is worth it, so much nicer than siting in a hall with no character or fresh air. Also shop around for your tent, they are unbelievably expensive a 40x120 tent(here in canada) will run you a few thousand for the day. good luck

I'm in support of the porta-pottie idea. Can you imagine a run on the bathrooms for 300 people???? Since your event is only for one day, the "stink factor" is minimal to none. You can have the potties delivered before the event and picked up afterwards. They're a great alternative for an outdoor event. You might also want to check in with an event planner to discuss options as well. Good luck!

Port a loos - (toilets and washing facilities in a caravan type of thing - usually about 4 loos in a row) are easy to hire. No smell and two placed back to back, one for the girls and one for the boys. With 300 guests and plenty to eat and drink there will be a fair amount of people (and children go about every hour) needing the facilities. Not cheap but worth the effort and cost. You could cut down on other stuff to fund it, perhaps?

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