Party theme ideas?!

Question: 25th anniversary for a lumber company. Budget 30,000. 150 guests.

Answers: 25th anniversary for a lumber company. Budget 30,000. 150 guests.

Got wood? Sexual themed party lol

Not really appropriate I know but it is funny.

How 'bout a woody theme, dress up as your favorite woody. Woody Paige (sports writer also on ESPN) Woody the woodpecker, woody harrilson (sp?) etc

those black & white parties, where everyone is supposed to dress in just those colors? idk if that's too plain for your event.

defiantly a long theme... maybe log cabin where the roofs remove so they are food bowls...
defiantly lots of food served on sticks.. or skewers... ( oo sounds fun)
formal wear with a country twist...
mugs for drinks
a place with a fire place
servers in overalls...
the happy 25th burned into a slice of a large tree... like a pine or something that smells great!

A lumber company has by the very nature of the business lots of guys. So you start with food. Meat and potatoes with some nice salads and killer desserts. You could have a local auto club set up as most guys love cars. With that budget you could probably have a "star" from a popular sport come and speak and mingle. Or rent out a whole section at a sporting event and have a tail gater party in the parking lot at an auto race or football game. Rent a party bus to get guests there and back safely. Have a family picnic day with "lumberjack" events. They have pros that do this on the county fair circuit. Sawing, chopping etc mostly judged on speed. They could do the exhibitions and guests could participate in milder events such as a rope pull, burlap bag races etc. As these guys tend to be mechanical you might have a watermelon hurling contest. Space permitting where they build devices to hurl the melon the furthest. You'll need some lead time on that one. I'd incorporate a lot of paper and wood into the decorations. A camp day at a park with access to fishing, swimming, volleyball and camp style activities for adults and kids might be nice too. Most people that work this hard have families and it is nice to include their families in the work related extra-curricular activities.

how about a Western Theme party.. i am planning one and it is turning out to be really great!

How about "lumber jacks?" It would be easy, the dress up part fun and allows for creativity. You could serve cheese balls that look like logs. Build log cabins with tootie rolls. Dinner could be BBQ, beans, or a variety of potions would be approaite.
Use red and white checkered cloths and napkins (which you could "make fit" by buying material in a fabric store.
Have fun with whatever you go with!

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