Im throwing a mad hatter Tea party bridal shower for my best friend and still need ideas..?!

Question: I need some cake how to's .....maybe videos showing me how to make my own mad hatter cake. and any other ideas that people have to throw together a great mad hatter tea party, from decorating to food to anything..

Answers: I need some cake how to's .....maybe videos showing me how to make my own mad hatter cake. and any other ideas that people have to throw together a great mad hatter tea party, from decorating to food to anything..

I would think you would need a reeeeeally long table, all different crazy colored tea pots and of course everyone should come in costume. You must play croquet. The food should be tea-party-food gone mad. Here are a couple of recipes:

Crab and watercress sandwiches:
3/4 pound (360g) fresh crabmeat
3 tablespoons finely chopped celery
2 tablespoons minced red onion
2 tablespoons reduced fat mayonnaise
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1/8 teaspoon ground pepper
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup (16 g) minced watercress leaves
24 small sprigs of watercress for garnish
6 slices whole wheat bread cut into quarters, crusts removed first

Combine the crabmeat with the rest of the ingredients except for the bread making sure to not break up the lumps of crab.
Place the quartered bread on a board. Divide the crabmeat mixture and place on the bread. Top with watercress leaves and serve.

Individual cheesecakes:
2 tablespoons (30g) graham cracker crumbs
8 ounces (240 g) fat-free cream cheese
2 ounces (60 g) reduced-fat cream cheese
4 tablespoons (60 ml) fat-free sour cream
4 teaspoons sugar
finely grated rind of 1 large navel orange
1/4 cup (60 ml) egg substitute
1 cup fresh blueberries, or kiwi thinly sliced

Place eight 2 1/2-inch (6.25 cm) paper liners into microwave proof baking cups. Divide the graham cracker crumbs between the cups and set aside.
Place the cheeses, sour cream, sugar, rind, and egg substitute in a mixing bowl and beat with an electric mixer until fluffy and well blended, about 2 to 3 minutes. Spoon the mixture into the paper cup liners filling 2/3 full.
Place in the microwave and cook at MEDIUM for 2 minutes. Turn the cups, if you do not have a carrousel. Continue to cook on MEDIUM until the tops are firm. Remove and cool on a rack.
To serve, remove the cheesecakes from the paper cups and decorate with thin slices of fruit or a few berries.

The "Mad Hatter’s Tea Party" is one of the most famous scenes in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and is frequently recreated by children and adults alike. Plan your own "Topsy-Turvy Teatime." Nothing is quite what it seems at this party.
An Invitations to Tea: Everybody loves getting personal invites to attend events. You might compose a little rhyme for your 'mad' tea party invitation.

Don't Be Late!
For a Very Important Date.

If you're feeling quite mad,
We'll make you right glad.

Costumes: When inviting guests to your 'mad' tea party, be sure the invitations says, "Please wear your 'maddest' hat." If someone forgets to bring one, make sure to have a few extras on hand. Guest might also come dressed as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Cheshire Cat, Alice, or the notorious Queen of Hearts. As host/hostess, dress as the Mad Hatter. Your invitation could read:

Come in foolish attire
For all to admire.

Decorations: Make large playing cards on poster board to set around the room. Make paper hearts, spades and diamonds. Tape these on walls and on the backs of chairs. Toss hats everywhere. Fill them with flowers. Line straw hats with napkins and use them as serving dishes. Use dolls hats for nut cups.

Menu and Table Setting: Make a hat cake. Bake a two-tier round cake. Ice and add sugar flowers and a bow made from licorice strings. Instead, serve individual cupcakes with the words EAT ME piped across the tops.

Serve your tea from wine glasses. Tie tags around the stems of the glasses that say DRINK ME. Examples of teas to use are: Earl Grey, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Ceylon, Orange Pekoe and Jasmine. Use mismatched china and serveware. Use everyday dishes and line then with fancy paper doilies.

For Fun: Play a game of croquet. (Indoor sets are available at toy stores.) You can make your own by using golf balls and dowel rods with empty soup cans wired at one end. For goals, cut wire coat hangers, shape and tape them to the floor.

Play "Who is the Queen of Hearts?" Take a deck of cards and place them in a hat. Ask guests to draw one card at a time until someone draws the Queen of Hearts. Winner gets a red rose, of course.

Choose the "Maddest Hat." Ask all the guests to vote for who has the maddest hat of the tea party. The one who wins can be the honorary Mad Hatter. Make up categories - most creative, most beautiful, silliest, etc.

i have an idea for the cake.
-make one round cake
-cut it in half and put cream in the middle. (thats the hat)
-then then do all different coulored icing so it looks colourful.
- then when its on the platter its being served on put a long peice of licorice around it about 2cm out.
-then fill in between the cake and licorice with icing an d then sprinkle hundreds and thousands.

good luck

How to for cake

How to Plan a Menu for a Mad Hatter Tea Party

Hope these help

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