Is Rose Edible?!

Question: I am thinking if I can eat my roses....

Answers: I am thinking if I can eat my roses....

I know you can make tea out of rose petals. I think I've also seen rose petal jelly. You can make a curative by boiling rose hips and sugar.

If you wash your roses (assuming they're real and not made of icing) to remove any insecticide or anti-fungal that might be on them, you should be OK. You might want to check to make sure that your particular variety of rose is non-toxic.

If your roses are made of buttercream or royal icing, you definitely can eat them.

If your roses are made of fondant or gum paste you can eat them but they probably won't taste that great.

Only consume roses or other flowers that you know how they were grown. Such as no chemicals, pesticides etc. Don't eat roses from a florist, they are treated extensively to get that perfect look. Also if you have a lawn service applying chemicals to your yard I would worry about leaching or over spray from those chemicals too. Same goes for home exterminators because there products are usually applied around the perimeter of a home and leaching in the soil can occur.

Yes as long as they have been raised organically (without pesticides). They are quite tasty!

By the way, you can use banana peels buried near the roots and it will keep insects and aphids away from your roses! It will also make the roses grow better and become healthier!


Why on earth do you want to eat your roses? Even if they are edible doesn't sound very appetizing to me.

u can use them in tea 2 flavour it

yeah a girl on masterchef BBC made a dessert from rose petal

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