Whats your favorite kind of food to eat at a party?!

Question: thew party im having is a sweet 16 and its hollywood theme

idk wat kind of food to sevre so help me out

Answers: thew party im having is a sweet 16 and its hollywood theme

idk wat kind of food to sevre so help me out

I like when simple food looks fancy

Pigs in a blanket... practically mini hot dogs

Dominoes thin crust pizza separated and served looks like flat bread

Shrimp cocktail is awesome

Stuffed mushrooms

I pictured a cute cocktail hour since its a hollywood theme

Well beer is out of the question. Uh maybe nachos. Pizza. Tacos. Normal kids stuff. Pick something you like.

chips and dip, cookies, pizza, anything really.

Pizza is easy, one phone call takes care of everything. What does a16 year old like to eat:

Hot dogs
Chips . . . it's a party, junk out!

mini pigs in a blanket deviled eggs pop and caramel chex mix stuff yum yum

Hollywood theme,
Would be lots of hour'derves (sp) like pigs in a blanket, or shrimp, things that can be passed around on trays/
Since to young for Alcohol serve drinks in plastic martini glasses from the party store, like fruit punches and such.

Its always good to add junk food to a party.

Just consider you may have friends at this party who are diabetics, may not be able to have nuts, and milk products.

I would have a variety of choices.

Sugar Free Jello Cups
Carrot Sticks

I love BBQ Wings.
Or Fire BBQ Wings.
Maybe you should throw a tropical BBQ? Corn on the cob, Rice, Fresh diced fruit, that's what I had at the Beverly Hills Hotel at a convention once. It was delicious. Have fun!

sausage rolls
cocktail sausages
mini pizzas

Any type of finger food is great. Generally people do not want to eat too much, so snacky food works very well. Think Veggies with Dip, Chicken Wings, Mini Pizzas etc. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a fantastic party!!!

my favorite party food is anything new that I have not yet tried

regardless of the theme, I always love a big piece of plain cake filled with fruit and decked out with whipped cream


Shrimp and cocktail sauce.

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