What is the best tasting candy bar?!

Question: kit kats!

Answers: kit kats!


dove it has such a pure taste n sneakers it kind of depends of wat ur up 4

Mounds, coconut and dark chocolate. Yum

Snickers, with Butterfinger and Reeses' coming in 2nd and 3rd.

Nothing beats the original, and best. Hershey's almond. I may be biased though, my uncle was a master chocolate maker there for 40 years.

Snickers are hard to beat.

caramac bar,dipped in a hot cup of tea.

Twix is so good<3
milky way's are good too ^^

snickers && twix

Clark bars. But only when they are made in Pittsburgh. They aren't made there anymore, so.............a Hershey bar.



I'm ole skool...peanut chews and Mars bar

zero bar without question the all time best


it's a tie for me
"coffee crisp" or "crunchie"
come to think of it
i also really like mars....
but i can ALWAYS have coffee crisp. i actually think it was voted number one chocolate bar in canada (according to Flare magazine)

Reeses peanut butter cups

if it has to be a bar then Snickers reins.

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