Awsome 13th Birthday party ideas please help !!!!!!?!

Question: ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answers: ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mardi Gras
Angels and Heaven
Cooking / baking Party
Look online for decorations or go to a party supply store. Get some good music to go w/ the theme, have space for dancing. If you or someone you know has a karaokee machine, get it, it will be a blast. If you are at your house, get some movies that people can watch. Set up some card tables, even at your age you can gamble or play Texas Hold 'em for M&M's. Don't forget the snacks and drinks.

here are tons

\// good places to look up ideas

The skating rink and community swimming pool is fun. Or do a backyard barbecue.

okay.. im 12. turning 13. and i understand how you feel. your parents are prob not going to throw you a party thats 100 dollars right?. so what you can do. is go shopping with a bunch of friends each get 10 dollars. and than go home and have like a spa treatment. or go ice skating always fun! or go to a salon and get your nails done and a pedicure at a cheap little place.

u r retar!!!

ice skating and then have a pj party wit da usual stuff

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