Any Circus themed Birthday Party suggestions?!

Question: I am having a combined Birthday party for my son who will be 4 and my daughter who will be 2 sometime towards the end of next month. Any in-expensive suggestions?

Answers: I am having a combined Birthday party for my son who will be 4 and my daughter who will be 2 sometime towards the end of next month. Any in-expensive suggestions?


-Set up a circus tent: Swag colorful crepe-paper streamers from the center of the ceiling to the corners and sides of the room, and let them dangle down the walls to look like a circus' big top.
-Place animal posters on the walls at child's eye level.
-Place three Hula Hoops on the floor to make a three-ring performance area.
-Cut two large appliance boxes into cages and paint them with bright colors, or cover them with animal-print paper or cloth. Set your circus cages in the party room with stuffed animals inside.
-Decorate the table with toy clowns, stuffed animals and other circus accessories.
-Play marching music in the background.

this site has some great ideas:

maybe Jojos Circus (the cartoon) party supplies here;

Upon arrival, give each child a red clown nose and face paint
a flower or rosy red cheeks. Not all children will want to
participate in face painting or wearing the nose...that is just fine!

Considering the age group that JoJo's Circus appeals to,
keep your party games simple and non-competitive.

Trina's Tightrope
Before the party, lightly sand and paint a 2x4 board.
Place it on the ground and have the children take turns
balancing as they walk across. Play fun music while they play.
Everyone gets a sticker when they reach the end.
Children may want to keep this activity going several times.

Pin the Ball on JoJo's Hat
Uh-oh! JoJo has lost the red ball from her hat...can you help her find it?

Cut the hat shape from blue poster board and the circles from
red poster board. Use double stick tape to attach the red
circles to the hat. Play just as you would Pin-the-tail on the donkey.
Blindfold one player at a time. Gently turn them three times and then head them in the right direction ...they will stick the red circles as close to the top of the hat as they can. Tip: Not all kids want to be blindfolded...
let them close their eyes.

Other fun and easy activities:
Twist, turn, stretch and jump to a JoJo's Circus CD
Play follow the leader "Chuga-Chuga Jump, chuga chuga stretch etc..."
Make and catch Giant Bubbles
Color JoJo's Circus coloring pages
Use potatoes, paint and paper to make "Tater prints
Provide the parts from a Mr. potato head toy and
real potatoes for the kids to use.

you could..umm hire a clow for intertainment make homemade confetti out of cut up pices of paper and make all the food homemade becuase kids of that age cant tell the difference and for the location your own house or backyard if its big engough!

Oriental Trading has many ideas and tons of items also they're cheaper than most stores and many ites can make great "loot bags" and the kids are so young they won't care as much as they will when they're older just keep them busy and maybe have an adult dreesed as a clown and do some funny slapstick skit or something

I would get some clowns, magicians, jugglers... maybe a small petting zoo (although expensive), face painting, balloon animals, cotton candy machine!, clown cake. ideas are endless, it just depends on your budget...if anything do some facepaining yourself and hire a clown that be fun!

My mom did one when I was little for a friends kid and here's what she did:Get balloon's for animal making and learn some online, buy a few heilium just regualar colorful ones, Make a cake with animal crackers sticking up going around the cake and get lolipops unwraped and stick em in little groups aroud to look like balloons(If you can find plastic clown heads you can get icing and make ruffles around it), u know that three sided display boards? Buy one or two and make litlle games like throw the ball in the hole and make little holes with points. there are a bunch of things u can do!

I did this for my 4 and 5 year olds last fall on a budge. The petting zoo and clowns are a great idea but can get very pricey. I used primary colors everywhere in balloons and crepe paper and was able to find some hug cut outs of circus animals at the local party store. We had carmel apples and bags of popcorn in brown lunch bags as well as cotton candy for the kids. Hot dogs were the main course. We did have family friend dress like a clown kind of and make balloon animals and hang out goodies to the kids was a riot ....have fun!!!

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