Im having a sweet 16 sleepover and im looking to give my guest goodie bags, what should they have in them?!

Question: p.s. im on a budget and looking for things stylish and cheap

Answers: p.s. im on a budget and looking for things stylish and cheap

mini lotions,mini body spray/perfumes, candy, jewerly (rings, earrings, necklaces, etc), keychains, lipgloss, gift cards to their favorite store/shop, makeup

Maybe if the girls are girly you could put some CHEAP makeup or if there not put candy!

Just go to the dollar store and get makeup,pens ...etc whatever you can find to fill them ....

Got to a dollar store and stock up on hair accessories. Lip gloss is good and not too expensive. If you can afford it give every one a disposable camera to use at the party, you'll get some great photos and memories!


How about a DIY charm bracelet/necklace?

Get some stones, beads, shells and twine/hemp from WalMart.

Fire 'em in a bag and call it good.

You can even get some letter beads and spell some quite interesting things.

If nothing else, you and your friends will have some cool thing to hang in your locker or rear view mirror.


You could put silly string or whipped cream in each gift bag.

Hand out the gift bags and tell everyone to wait until you open yours first.

Pull out the whipped cream and spray everyone--start a whipped cream fight.

Hope That Helps

Do you have a theme?

have a little theme to your goodie bag !
you could do

1. Nail "stuff" goodie bag :
put a couple of nail polish colors in each with a nail file that has a cute design on it, and then those little toe sponge things that seperate your toes. All these things you can find cheap at dollor store or walgreens wet and wild brand.

just go to a party supply store and see what u find some things can be cheap

I'd say find a big dollar store that has an entire section with beauty products like nail polish, nail file, lip gloss, brush, perfume, hair clips, etc and stock up on them. Try and find cute girly colors like pink or purple. Then put a few items in each bag and add a few pieces of bubble gum and chocolate. Also, if you have a party supply store like Party City in your area, they also have cheap favors you can buy as well.

some candy,cheap makeup,hair things, and a small purse

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