What is this stuff for? A set with tongs, a spoon on a long handle, and a two-pronged fork on a long handle?!

Question: What is it? What's it for? I just found it in my parent's things. It's got Shreve written on the box.

Answers: What is it? What's it for? I just found it in my parent's things. It's got Shreve written on the box.

Maybe it's a set to mix drinks/cocktails.
Tongs for ice, spoon to stir or mix and the fork maybe to pick up olives or fruit? ?

Sounds like a barbecue set.

More importantly, what are you doing going through your parents' things?

Sounds like salad tossing utensils,I used to work at a resturant that had a salad bar, we used to make it ourselves everyday fresh. We had some tongs for serving it and the spoon and fork for tossing it together. Could also be a BBQ set

Those are salad utensils, the long spoon with the fork is used for tossing the salad, and the tong is for serving it.

maybe fondue set?

Well, it DOES sound like barbeque utensils, but usually a flat spatula would be included instead of a spoon. If it is about one foot long, then it is indeed a barbeque set.

However, if it is just a large, oversized spoon and two-pronged fork, it is a "hostess" set used for serving guests, the fork being to serve the meat, the tongs probably for salad, and the spoon for serving potatoes or vegetables. The hostess sets are usually silver or silverplate, but not always.

it's a salad tosser

memmi is right, it's a set of bar tools. The two pronged fork was probably for getting olives out of a jar for martinis , the tongs for ice (cos we ALL know you're not supposed to manhandle the ice for drinks right ?) and the spoon for stirring the martini James Bond style. Sounds like you've got a bit of a treasure there :)

The fork could be used for seafood
The spoon could be used for ice cream
The tongs could be used for tossing/serving a salad, or serving items from a platter.

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