Your going to a party and your bringing............?!

Question: I'm bringing Lamb

Answers: I'm bringing Lamb

I love making appetizers and I am always asked to bring one. And get a platter or bowl or whatever from a resale shop, rummage sale etc. and then you don't have to worry or think about bringing you serving dish home.

Braised lamb shanks.

lol maybe my new handbag and my smile and laughter

my lucky panties
oh yes and dessert!!!

Marinated Asparagus, Artichoke and Palm Heart salad with halved grape tomatos, black olives and farfalle pasta (butterfly)

scalloped potatoes

me! I'm only 14 and going to my friends party and I'm bringing a present.

I would not go wrong with chips and dip.



jello shots and cheese tray

Stuffed bread and a red wine I won't drink. Always good for a host gift.

My famous no bake cheesecake!

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