Bowling,Movie or Dinner for a 13th birthday party????!

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I just went to one of my friend's 14th birthday parties... First, we went bowling. Then, we went out to eat for pizza. It was a blast! The only bad thing about going to a movie is that you can't talk with your friends. So, if you choose to do a movie, I'd go out to eat, too. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, I'd just go bowling. It's a great way to have fun! Happy birthday!

Maybe you should get some friends and (if its not too expensive) go eat a a restaurant close to the movies then go to the movies after...

Bowling or Dinner allows more socializing than the Movie will....

my son is going to be 15 in a couple of weeks and he likes going to Dave and busters it has food , games and lots of interactive stuff a kid that age would love and its not too expensive.. i like the idea of bowling with some of thier friends and maybe pizza for dinner..

first you should go bowling and the next night go to the movies

BOWLING!! Good exercise and lots of fun!
And most bowling alleys serve food and have TVs and a video arcade....
Happy Birthday to whoever it is!

I think bowling then eating afterward. you can gather in one of the small rooms at a local restaurant.

Movie and bring some friends too you will have a good time

I like the bowling idea. Do you have cosmic bowling in your area? That's when the lights are off and you bowl with neon lights on everywhere and they play a lot of music. And you could always order a large pizza and a pitcher of soda right there at the bowling alley. It's a much better way to socialize!

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