Baptism party ideas?!

Question: Any ideas on how i can decorate? favors or giveaways?

Answers: Any ideas on how i can decorate? favors or giveaways?

A baptism is something to be taken seriously. I would play any games or pranks.....perhaps passout a religous bookmark with the 23 Psalms or the Lords' prayer...serve finger foods have someone to say grace....and decorate with all white balloons...or the person's favorite color...

everyone loves a good what you do is change the holy water with sure it will go off with a roflcopter

Have a waterfall of holy ater and everyone can baptize themselves, also consider little jars of the water they baptised the baby in for little favours!

Hope diz helps

My granddaughter chose to get baptised at the river. We had a decorated cake and sodas at a pavilion on the bank. Oriental Trading has a religious line that has inexpensive items that would be suitable for favors.

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