Don't you just get sick of "ideas and food for a party" questions?!

Question: Coz I do!

Answers: Coz I do!

I know its a damn headache but it's part of entertaining because every guests are like a "food critic" about what they eat. If people know that you are a bad host then they won't show up to your next event.

Well thats part of the subject on the Entertaining section.

u cant put a very common theme. always need to look for something not so ordinary.
hate searching for themes but love having them.

Yea but I answer alot of them. I NEED POINTS. I want 2 get 2 level 3.

I thought that is what this site is for.

No....people just are looking for ideas to make their party a little more fun and different.

Then why are you even on this board? The title lets you know what to expect when you enter. It's the same way if you go to any of the relationship boards... Does this person like me? Should i get a divorce?, etc. This board is not any different except that people end up with different answers on this one... It's a chance to get some really creative ideas for parties. If you are sick of it then go to the relationship boards for a while and hang out.

You should try another catergory...

I don't because if suggestions and situations are different for everyone. There are some good suggestions. And also why are you looking in the Entertainment section if you're annoyed by the questions?

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