Can anyone recommend a good beverage fountain? Having a party in a few weeks and wanted the added attraction.?!

Question: Would like one that is lighted.

Answers: Would like one that is lighted.

Rival makes one and its lighted

They call it a champagne fountain

We put pomegranate martinis in it and it was the life of the party

are you in the uk?
we just got one from debenhams for £15, and it lights up

bargain, great fun, we got it for a party too

Why not have assorted punch bowls...different kinds of drinks in'll save you money. If you're under age; of course make non alcoholic drinks. But if you're of age; you can do a punch bowl of Apple martini(cup up green & red apples) to can do several more bowls...based on what types of drinks you like...

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