Rainbow ideas?!

Question: im considering having a rainbow themed party.
but i need ideas on what kind of food, drinks, invitations, and decorations i should have.
im turning 14, any ideas?

Answers: im considering having a rainbow themed party.
but i need ideas on what kind of food, drinks, invitations, and decorations i should have.
im turning 14, any ideas?

For the drink, how about a punch. It uses rainbow sherbet and gingerale. You just set the sherbet out to soften and add it and the gingerale to a punch bowl. Delicious.

Try making your invitations using construction paper- or perhaps those premade blank invitations. Just buy some ribbon of the color of the rainbows. Just glue those to the invitation in the shape of a rainbow.

Decoration ideas...
Rainbow hallway arches
Rainbow balloon arches
Bubble maching blowing bubbles out of the entrance to the party.
Streamer in rainbow colors.
Rainbow balloon bouquets
Pots of gold (use black cauldrons from Halloween, stuffed with paper and topped off with gold plastic coins or gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins)
Replace light bulbs in the party area with colored light bulbs

Bright colored table cloth sprinkles with gold glitter or colored confetti

Sky blue table cloth with rainbow colored streamers running down the length of the table

A rainbow colored balloon attached to the back of each chair or even three on each chair!

Sprinkle the table with Skittles for the children to eat.

Set the table with bright colored paper plates and plastic silverware in varying colors.

Make clouds out of poster board with a bit of pillow stuffing glued on and hang from the back of each chair so it looks as though each child gets to sit on a cloud at the rainbow table.

Jell-O Jigglers prepared in rainbow colors and arranged in an arch on a cloud of whipped cream.

Rainbow colored Vanilla Wafers by Keebler

Rainbow parfaits

Fruit Salad- You can find a fruit for each color of the rainbow. I would say then you can either scoop outa watermelon and put them in there to display, and spoon it out onto their plates or just cut it up and mix it together.

A lot of SUGAR and CANDY!
Alternative: fruits and veggies are colourful

Tons of coloured balloons and streamers

Skittles. Kool-Aid comes in a lot of colors. Make a confetti cake (vanilla batter, put rainbow Jimmies in) with fun color icing.

You can find balloons and such in assorted rainbow colors.

I'd use color pencils to make the invitation, or rainbow paper. Or you can probably just draw rainbows on the invites.

You could make a rainbow cake either use a funfetti type cake or make your own.


You shouldnt choose that theme. Rainbow stands for gay people

How about the Wizard of Oz? Rent the movie to show on a big screen tv. Have a karaoke contest singing "Some Where Over the Rainbow". Have some type of obstacle course on the Yellow Brick Road. Get tall parfeit glasses and layer with Cool Whip and cubes of colored jello to make rainbows. Order pizza and have soft drinks.

Differently coloured lollipops.
Maybe you could make your own.
There's a recipe on answers. Type in the search for questions box: How do I make lollipops. Somebody asked that and somebody answered with an exact recipe.
And you could even get red, yellow and blue tissue paper on white card to make a big rainbow across a wall.

I could make you some really cool rainbow invitations.

I have recently created a company that will create unique invitations according to what you want from scratch or even bouncing off an already existing idea or design.

You can check out my online portfolio here:
to get an idea of the work that I can do.

My business web site is: www.myinventations.com

Give me a shout, and I can send you an example customized to what you are wanting!

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