I need ideas for throwing a tea party for 7 year old.?!

Question: decorations
tea party ideas
dress up?

need a lot of differnet recipes.


Answers: decorations
tea party ideas
dress up?

need a lot of differnet recipes.


With my daughter and her friends we've done this:

creating your own party hats/crowns/purses
arriving in dress up or doing a dress up party there
We had the girls dress EACH OTHER up, and we adults did makeup/hair/curls
Shrinky Dinks (no kidding!)
Large poster size coloring activity

Decorations--wands, glitter, frogs (for princes!), tulle (fabric shop), cheap velvet (clearance-fabric store) to cover the tables, chairs or make a 'red' carpet. Fake flowers (dollar store) for hot glueing on white party hats (adult help required!!), or for the table, white gloves, pearls, etc--dollar store.

Food: cream cheese and jelly sandwiches--use cookie cutters to cut out shapes, tea--cranberry juice and sprite, chocolate mini cupcakes with hershey kisses inside sprinkled with fairy dust (powdered sugar), angel food cake with strawberries, we did fondue one time-angel food cake, brownies, fruit. More substantial--rollups: cream cheese, tortillas, ham, cheese. Roll up, chill to firm, slice into rounds.

Get the kids into making their own little cakes. I think getting the kids invloved with like baking makes famlilies and friends get involved in doing something ogether. Possibly like fairy cakes or flapjack and things like that. With themes, go for what the kid enjoys e.g. favourite cartoon character or what the kid is interested in e.g. football.

Fairy Cakes at 180oc for about 15 mins
100g butter
75g sugar Beat them all together and put into
2eggs cake cases
100g self-raising flour
1tesp vanilla essence

My mother gave me a tea party for my 6th birthday. We all dressed up in party dresses and she set up tables with linens on the lawn. I would recommend sweetened (decaf) tea, little finger sandwiches cut in shapes with a cookie cutter, tea cakes and cookies. I'm stumped on games though. Maybe a little treasure hunt and the winner gets a tiara (and everyone else gets a "princessy" little favor too).

Go to www.BrithdayExpress.com or www.TeaParty.com and it will give you all kinds of ideas for your party. Good luck, and have fun!

just have them all dress up in little princess costumes u can do their "makeup"..or if its for a boy have a water balloon party with water guns...decorations..umm sign that says happy birthday and party hats and streamer..s..good enough..ballons too!....dont forget the cake! i suggest and ice cream cake from baskin robbins...the tea party..u can serve little finger pb and jelly and honey sandwhiches..alos have some bread and butter, doughtbuts(bitesize kind) also, have a huge bowl of candy they can just pick out of..have m&ms, peanuts, popcorn, chips, goldfish, chocolate..for goody bags and favors, get big bars of chocolate, cuta stationary and pens..little toys from party city...little snacks r great!..for "tea" serve hot chocolate and apple juice..make them oreo shakes for later..

Go to a Thrift Store and get different cups and saucers, one for each girl. The one they use is the one they get to take home!
Decorations: Teapots, Potted flowers, wheat grass, colored eggs, fancy plate, linen table cloth.
Have a Photo shoot! Pass the present (like hot potato) the one holding the gift keeps it, but is out. Continue playing the game. with a new gift. Save the best gift for the winner! Gifts could be box of tea & cute spoon, teapot with cup, tea set, box of chocolate, kids cookbook.
Hope this helps ;)
Have fun!

I would make sandwiches and cut them into 1/4's in a triangular shape, have mini cupcakes as well and a nice tea set. I would suggest playing dress up as well....whatever they feel like dressing up as is fine. I wouldn' worry too much about decorations other than setting up the table nicely.

How many guests? Where will you hold the event? What type of theme? Casual or formal?

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