My son is "star of the week" any ideas how to make him feel extra special?!

Question: I have made cookies for the whole class and visited for lunch. any othere ideas come to mind?

Answers: I have made cookies for the whole class and visited for lunch. any othere ideas come to mind?

Have your family have a special night for him. Make his favorite meal and make his favorite dessert, cake sundae, etc. Make up a song like the b-day song but replace b-day with Star of the week. Congrats to your child I know the feeling my daughter was student of the month last month....

you could fix his favorite meal or take him to his favorite restaurant for dinner.

bring in a magicin to the class or found out what is there fav cartoon show and bring that cartton in like dress up to the class and do drinks, games ect..

or since he is a STAR let him choose what he wants to do for a day!!

Go get him a New Toy ......Kids love that ALOT ~!

or take him to see Spiderwick Chronicles ~!

you could take him to see a movie. or when u go shopping let him go pick out a toy

Take him to chuckecheese or a fun place like that. Have a dinner and a movie night he gets to pick the movie and where you go out to eat. Take him to Toys "r" us or a toy store and tell him he gets to pick 1 toy his choice under a certain dollar amout. Like find a toy with 20 dollars or less. On the last day send him a star ballon and the front office of the school will bring it in to him he will feel so special !!!

Hook him up with one of the Spears, females!!!!

That's aw some!!!!! My son was student of the month twice. I gave him a choice of movie or buy something from toys r us. Including dinner at any restaurant of his choice. Which fortunately he always chooses Chili's or Red Lobster! That seems always please my son. I hope that is something you would like to do for your child.

Take your son and his friends to the movies and if appropriate let them pick whatever they want to see.

Invite his friends and their parents over for a backyard BBQ. The more and stronger the social bonds are for kids the less likely they are to dismiss others standards and opinions as they get older.

BTW congratulations!

Maybe make him a huge ice cream sundae with all of the fixings.

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