My guests wont leave! helllp!?!

Question: one drunk, one can't stop laughing and one peeing!!

Answers: one drunk, one can't stop laughing and one peeing!!

I just wanna know if they left yet and how you got rid of them lol

i guess u wont be inviting them back will u?

threaten to call the police.
if it doesnt work say
"GUYS LETS TAKE IT OUTSIDE WOOHH!" And get them to follow you outside - lock them out.
call the police if it gets rediculous.

Serina Skye

Just say gosh, can I drive yall home, I am exhausted and must go to bed to get up early tomorrow.....

Party on Garth.

Make them uncomfortable. I am sure since they feel comfortable to be hanging out at your place messed up like that - you know them on a personal level. Either turn the air/heat on really high/or low(this is going to take some gall). When they complain...tell them no. This is your place and that is how they like it . You will get two results , they will get mad and leave or two -- deal with it.
If that does not work. Annoy them . Start cleaning up around them continually asking them to move. you will be disturbing them if they are that messed up.
Last but not least. Pretend you have an emergency situation and have to leave immediately. If they say they will stay until your return tell them NO!! - you are not sure if you will have to bring your problemed situation home , and this may be too personal for the "unknown scapegoat" to face anyone else at this time.

geeeeeehhhhhh i miss all the great parties.

Call them a cab and put them in it... give the cabbie some money. Don't invite them back.

And you are on the computer while this is all going on??? Can I come over?

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