Fun ideas for a birthday party?!

Question: I want some different ideas for a 4 year old boys birthday party. also fun food ideas.

Answers: I want some different ideas for a 4 year old boys birthday party. also fun food ideas.

I love birthday parties. OK. So find out a big interest of your little boy. ex:(if he really likes dinosaurs or soccer)....then make that the theme. If you are having this at your house u could put up streamers. Get "zoopals" plates. You could have an arts and crafts station where there can create there own socks pupets and mabye hold a puppet show. You could have a face painting station ex:(if the theme is dinos make sure to put them on the face painting choices!). All kids love candy so make sure to have a pinyata that goes along with your theme as well. I have found a cool way to serve things.....little kids are messy so instead of a cakes that u have to cut.(it gets mussed into the carpet and everything else...) Make "cake balls" You get cake filling and put it into a cupcake tray....or cookie dough and roll them into balls then u back them. There is new chocoltae syrup that goes on ice cream....and it hardenes. After iu make ur dough or cakes u simply get a big bowl of that syrup and coat the balls in it. It makes a hard un messy food in edible little ba;;s when it dries....anyway back to the games... u coould play freeze tag or musical chairs. You could play freeze dance or red light green light for prizes....(make sure there is always a few extra prizes so everyone can win something even when they lost). make sure to give the kids all a goody bag when they leave. Trust me they will leave with grateful smiles on there faces. and the birthday boy will be happy too!!. Tell your son happy birthday....hope i helped!!

you can have a toystory themed party
have all the kids dress up like a toy, and have them bring their fav toy... they can play with those for a while
and for extra fun you can make obsticle cources like the ones the toys faced in the movie
and the food can be like the ones from pizza planet...

any theme under the sun.
it really does help if you start with one idea then go from there
i love they have child-friendly ideas
hope that helps

Topic Fairy Tales/Shrek

have the kids dress as their favorite fairy tale character from Shrek

Food ideas
Swamp Meatballs--Meatballs in a BBQ/ketchup sauce with Green food coloring

Pinnochio's nose-Garlic Sticks/bread sticks

Red Worms-Spagetti-O or soft noodles in a small cup

potato Chip/Pretzel chips with swamp dip (french onion dip/green food coloring)

Dragon Juice--red Fruit juice with ginger ale
bug juice-moutain dew mixed with either clear or lime kool aid

Gummi Worms

Puss kabobs- Pineapple, apple, strawberries on a wood stick

Donkey surprise--Veggy plate (Tomatoes/pickles/olives/celery)

Gingerbread cookies with sprinkles

Swamp Shooters -Lime Jello with gummi worms

Games--pin the tail on the donkey, get a pic of DONKEY and Shrek=get velcro tails and see where they land

Pinata of one of the Shrek characters (available at walmart)-filled witbh candy

Have fun

Bouncy castle hire is always a good option for childrens birthday parties, expect to pay around £50 for a bouncy castle and around £60 for a bouncy slide, hope this helps.


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