Themed party ideas??!

Question: Does anyone know any good party theme ideas for people 20 or older?!

Answers: Does anyone know any good party theme ideas for people 20 or older?!

Black and white theme:

Black musical notes/rests/ clefs (homemade)
**Ask everyone to wear black or white or a combination of both.

Black and white checkered tablecloths, and for a more elegant party..a black tablecloth with white napkins, white glitter confetti, or white placemats

Black and white candles can be used to decorate even if you don't want to light them. Put taper type on stands or put floating candles in glass bowls.

~ chocolate covered strawberries and frozed chocolate bananas <-- coated in both dark and white chocolate

~ Dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla or coconut frosting

~ Dark chocolate cookies w/macadamia nuts & white chocolate chips

Main Entree/ finger foods:
~ Homemade chicken tenders coated in black and white sesame seeds

~ Black bean dip topped with sour cream (serve w/white corn tortilla chips)

~ Squid ink pasta (doesn't taste strange, but it's black in w/white alfredo sauce-- you can buy the pasta at some specialty store or online)

~ Wild rice salad (can mix with some cooked white-chicken meat)

Casino Party Theme:

Think red and black and especially green!!
Decorate your place with fake money, chips and cards. Turn the lights down low and string twinkly lights everywhere to create mood.

~ texas hold'em
~5-Card stud
~ and other poker games
~ Bingo

cocktail meatballs, artichoke dip, buffalo wings, chips with charred corn salsa and tangy tomato bruchette.
** Hand out plenty of cocktail napkins so that hands, cards and tables stay clean.

Champagne Cocktail
2 dashes bitters
1 tsp. sugar
Chilled Champagne
1 twist lemon peel

Mix and serve chilled

Non- Alchoholic:
Make pitchers of non-a;coholic classics like shirely temple and roy rogers. Be sure to decorate with marachino hcerries and groovy stir sticks.

Here are some music ideas:
1. James bond (from Dr. No) / john barry & orchestra
2. With plenty of money and you / count basie &tony Bennett
3. Goldfinger/ shirely bassey
4. A view to a kill/ duran duran
5. Baby You're a rich Man / the beatles
6. Thunderball /tom jones
7. you only live twice / nancy sinatra
8. Big spender/ peggy lee
9. Luck be a lady / franl sinatra

80's Party Theme:

~should be dramatic and corful.
~ paper cups and plates in neon colors, animal prints
~ find retro photos online of stars like Tom cruise, Rob lowe and Molly Ringwald in their eighty clothes, during the oparty your guests can guess who's who

Have guests dress the theme;

Guys: from the new romantics to the punk rockers, all the gnarlist dudes sported eyeliner, lipstick, glittery eye shadow and way too much mousse in their hair (just like the girlfriends). Dressed like miami vice with pastel hued suits.

Ladies: leg warmers, rubber bracelets and sideways ponytails.

Have people have a contest to see who can do the best moonwalk for the michael Jackson "Thriller."

Play trivial pursuit - split guest into teams to answer questions about random factoids and earn those little pie wedges.

~sushi rolls
~ artichoke dipserved in a bread bowl
~ Rice crispie treats

80's wine cooler:
16 oz chablis white wine
24 oz 7-up soda
2 oz grapefruit juice
2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz lime juice
2 oz lemon juice

Mix fruit juices together in a glass. pour 4 oz chablis into 4 plastic wine glasses, then add 6 oz 7 up to each glass. Divide the mixture evenly and serve.

Non-Alcoholic - Capri sun, fresca, jolt cola

1. relax/ frankies goes to hollywood
2. footloose / kenny loggins
3. rock me amadeus/ falco
4. whip it /devo
5. burning down the house/ talking heads
6. rio/ duran duran
7. Dancing with myself / billy idol
8. Take on me / a-ha
9. living on a prayer /bon jovi
10. call me / blondie

Naughty or Nice Party Theme / Good to be bad!:

Get to choose wether to put on devil horns or angel's halo

~Naughty group sips a steamy red drink from a plastic martini glass (use dry ice to create steam)

~nice group sips frothy white pina coladas or champagne

centerpieces of white and red roses, or, if flowers aren't your style, red floating candles in red liquid (use food dye) create a devilish glow, while white floating candles look absolutely heavenly with clear glass gems at the bottom!

Luau Party Theme:

decorate your luau with touches of Polynesian flair such as;
~coconut cups
~pineapple plates
~multi-color lantern lights
~bamboo reeds
~tiki torches

~ accent white light strands with tropical flowers and plam fronds from the local florist.

~bird of paradise, red ginger, and anthurium arrangements are big and bold, so you'll need only a few

~bowls filled with river rock and tealights make festive centerpieces without breaking bank.

~fake leis or if you would rather do real ones carnations are perfect.

~have guests arrived dressed for the occasion (hawaiian prints)

~ Hula hoop contest - See who can keep his or her hula hoop going for the longest time or can master circling the hoop around the knees or feet.

~Limbo - Wrap a pole (or broomstick) in some floral garland to give it an island feel, and challenge guests to see how low can they go.

~kalbi (korean-style bbq)ribs
~Ahi poke (raw fish and seaweed)
~ fried chicken
~ egg rolls
~chicken or beef teriyaki
~ pineapple fried rice or steamed rice
~fresh fruits and veggies
~ macaroni salad and potato salad

~ Alcohol drinks serve mai tai's

~ Non-Alcohol drinks serve pineapple juice with 7-up mixture or a fruit punch.

1. Wipeout/ the surfaris
2. Tiny bubbles /don ho
3. Sun is shining / bob marley & the wailers
4. Blue hawaii / elvis presley
5. Kokomo / beach boys
6. Escape (the pina colada song)/ rupert holmes
7. Island in the sun/ weezer
8. Amber /311
9. rock-a hula-luau (summer is coming) / grease 2 soundtrack
10. Hawaii five-O / the Ventures

Mardi Gras Party Theme:

~think purple, green and gold!

~ decorate the inside of place in which you are having the party with garland, streamers, lights, balloons and masks.

~ have plenty of throw beads

Have them dress casual but don't forget a mask!!

~ Jambalaya

~ Gumbo

~red beans


~moon pies

~king Cake

~dips and crackers

~Margaritas < alcohol or even virgin

Red Carpet Party theme:

~ Place fairy lights all around your front door and have a strip of red carpet from the entry to the party area

~centerpieces: go for gold, dipping edges of red flowers in glue then into gold glitter

~Have guests dress up like they favorite stars

Given that most celebrities at the Oscars are performers of some sort, you could have a mini showcase of their talents. Have a game of charades, a round of Sing Star, or get each of the kids to make up an acceptance speech. Have certificates or trophies ready to present to each guest.

Create prizes to hang out for the best dressed, ugliest dressed and other things also.

~fancy cheese and crackers
~ star shaped cookies
~ serve appertizers

tarts and vicars! devils and angels! bikini parteeeee! gangsters and molls!

casino night!


Around the world - Fly Delta
You have a cocktail and appetizer that are from a different part of the world. Wine and Cheese from Italy, little sausages and beer from Germany, tequila sunrise and mini tacos. You get the idea. It's fun and easy to do a lot ahead of time.

alice in wonderland (?)

Black and White (everyone dresses in black or white, all the decor is in this)
Mardi Gras
70's or 80's
Vegas (casino's)
Hollywood (lots of glamour, red carpets)

clue mystery
Asian theme

playboy(think:playboy mansion)
emo (paint ur nails black and wear emo clothing)
sports (maybe pick a team or a specific sport)
celebrity(everyone dresses up as a certain celeb)
itailain (people bring italian food&watch sopranos)
christmas (it will be a bit odd at first, but ITS REALLLLY FUN. pretend its christmas, with gifts, eggnog, a tree, gingerbread cookies, christmas movies.

for people that age make them think!
think of a letter and they have to dress up will some starting with that letter :)

yes, have an all night adult rubber spanking party xx

luaa, masquerade ball, western,70's theme, 80's theme, disco, fiesta & mardis gras,

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