Party bags?!

Question: where can i get party bags from?? in uk

Answers: where can i get party bags from?? in uk

I've got loads of stuff from They do lots of different themes and you can order the exact number of plates, napkins, and gifts that you want rather than getting packs pf 8 and ending up with too many. They usually deliver within 5 days. They also have ideas for party games and party prizes. If you look on the internet, there are lots of other companies too but I have used this one countless times with my 3 childrens parties. Have Fun

Party bags? as in the things that you give to children after a Birthday party.....Try Wilkinsons or Bastins.

A party Shop... Sorry the only one i know is in Croydon, but I am sure you could find a shop near you... Most high streets have them

depends on the age of the kids, but for young kids you could make them up yourself as it is much cheaper, in asda they have a selection of toys designed for party bags

I know ASDA has some quite good stuff for kid's party bags

birthday card shop - clintons, birthdays etc
they are sold everywhere!

Lots of places sell them. Wilkinson store do,card shops even Asda.

Asda are the best, sainsbury, morrison, tesco, wilkinsons, woolworths or a specialist party shop if you have one in your area

Do you want just the bags, or do you want them filled too? Most supermarkets and places like Woolworths or Wilkinsons sell the bags on their own, and they also sell party bag toys seperately. You can usually get filled party bags on ebay.

Pound shop

Anywhere, really.

Have a nice party!!

ummm, do u have walmart or target there?

Oriental Trading Co. has a website. I don't know if they'll send to the UK, but it's worth a try. They'll have TONS of decorating/favors in their catalog & on-line, at a very reasonable price too. ..... Otherwise, maybe try brown sacks that you'd use for lunches, and decorate them. Or just fold the tops down, punch 2 holes in there, and tie a ribbon or raffia through the holes..... Do they have Dollar stores in UK? You might be able to find the bags there, or use little Easter baskets for favors.....

So much choice. there are hundreds of websites selling party bags - either empty or filled. I guess most of the stuff you can buy at a local supermarket, but some stuff is more unique. Worth looking at - they do what they say and only sell Fairtrade and Recycled stuff. They have things for most ages and can deliver in a matter of days. Hope that helps and enjoy the party!

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