How to let party guest know that they will have to pay?!

Question: plz help

Answers: plz help

You could include a copy of the menu with the prices and send it with the invitation, or mention something about forwarding the website so that they can see the menu and prices. That should give them the hint.

say i forgot my money lol

You don't state what you want the party guests to pay for. Please give more information. Parking? Food? Alcohol?
Different costs will be worded individually.

It is important you include those who can't afford the dinner as well as those that can. Check the menu and insert the appropriate values for the money listed below. If it were me I would word the announcement something like this:

John, Dick and Jane are pleased to
announce the 65th Birthday of their mother, Marilyn.
To include as many people as possible we have chosen
to celebrate at the XYZ Restaurant. Reasonably priced
meals are available between $8 and $15. Reservations
are not needed, please ask to be seated with the Smith
Birthday Party. A copy of the menu is included in case you
are not familiar with XYZ, mother's favorite place.

If you have questions please call Jane at 555-555-5555.
If you can't stay for a full meal, please take a few moments
to drop by to help us celebrate. We would like to get photos
of mother with as many family and friends as possible.

"guest" no longer applies if they have to pay.
Are you talking like admission, or paying for their meal at a restaurant? Clarify please

say "no-host" in the invite or in casual convo


cost to get in . etc...... the cost


where. alsdfjalskdf
who. lsdjlkf
when. kdlsjfl
cost to get in: $5

call it participation party ! & write invitation cards or papers using computer & give them cards before attending !

If they have to pay, then it isn't a party, you are running a business event. If you don't set up a temporary business with the appropriate licenses & such, you can be sure at least ONE of your guests will be aware of this and will alert the tax office for you...

Good luck with that!

say that money please maybe

The point of having a party is that the guests don't have to pay. If you want to celebrate your mom's birthday and are short on cash, clean the house, make a nice dinner and a cake and invite a couple of her closest friends over. Chances are, if she is like the rest of us, over worked and stressed out she would love being able to relax at home with good friends and not have to do anything, more than she would a huge blow out.

Sorry, but that's plain out rude. You don't have a party and then ask everyone to pay.

If you cant host it, then don't have it.

I would be floored if I got such an invitation.

You sound like you are still very young, but it's never too early to learn what's appropriate, and this isn't.

The only way I could even think of doing this without being completely heinous would be to call people and say that your mom will be at Friday's on Main St. at 8pm on Friday night. If anyone wants to stop by and wish her a happy birthday, she should greatly appreciate it.

But even that's out there.

If *I* didn't have the cash to host a party, then I would head to Costco and buy some soda and a birthday cake and have a quick party at my house. Probably at around 4pm on a Saturday. That way no one's day is ruined and no one misses dinner.

I could understand if you wanted to do a birthday dinner for yourself and asked everyone to pick up their own tab for food... but to invite them to celebrate your moms event and ask them to pay does seem rude. However, to answer your question - on their invitation cards write "food and drinks not covered" or "food and drinks at your own expense" so that should give them the hint to bring money along with them.

I hate complainers when it comes to restaurant so I paid for everyone

just say in the invitation to please bring whatever amount of money they need because they will have to pay for their own food.

Hope I helped!

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