What is more likely to be on your dinner table?!

Question: Corn Bread, Biscuits,Tortias, French bread, Challah, or Wonder bread?

Answers: Corn Bread, Biscuits,Tortias, French bread, Challah, or Wonder bread?

I bake an awesome....
biscuits.....(red ribbon at the county fair 2 years running)
Italian Bread....(got the blue at the Fair for that one)
Flat Bread....
Most any bread but Wonder....
I am a baker.....
Dammmed good at it...

Thank you for best answer.
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  • none we only eat out

    In there some place you should find some tortillas

    Prolly the white bread most of the time, we do have the others depending on what we are eating.


    french bread

    wonder bread

    Usually a home made one from our breadmaker like wholemeal with added grains or pumpernikel which is super yum

    None of the above, we never have bread on our dinner table.


    Depends on what I'm cooking.
    Usually the first 3.
    All of which I make from scratch.
    Because I'm a really good cook.

    homemade flatbread
    wholewheat bread
    white bread

    depends on what we have for dinner

    LOL, no bread at all usually.

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