My 18 B-Day Party is coming up and i need some ideas?!

Question: Do u have any idea of what type of 18 birthday party should i have

Answers: Do u have any idea of what type of 18 birthday party should i have

Hi! Well, wow! Ur turning 18! So, for ur 18th birthday party, maybe u should do like a dance party, so u can be like a DJ? You can ask ur mom and dad if they can give u a budget and you can go to some electronic shops that sell dance floors. Make or buy a disco ball. Go and rent a DJ scratch board. OR just ask ur parents if u can rent a place. HOPE I HELPED.!

I saw a magazine which had a person that had an 'Amazing Race' party. You should do something like that. Have an 'Amazing Race' with detours and roadblocks just like the show.

Talk to all your friend that you would like to share your birthday with. Ask them what they may thinks is fun and take it form there. If it is only family ask them to come up with lost of activies on your b-day have so much fun. Your 18 have a nice party.

Birthday "Survivor" Party

I was in the same position for my teenage daughter about to turn 15. The idea we came up with was Survivor. I don't know if they broadcast the Survivor series in Australia, but the series was filmed in the Outback last year. For those unfamiliar with it, 16 people are "stranded" somewhere in the world (an island was one setting and the Outback for another) and have to face challenges to stay. They are divided up into two tribes that eventually merge when only a few people are left in each tribe. People who are unable to meet the challenges and work with their teammates are voted off the show. The ultimate survivor wins a million dollars.

Anyway, the invitation challenged her friends to face the "terrors" of her 15th birthday party and be the ultimate party survivor. We used inexpensive island-theme stationary for the invitations and put bug stickers all over them for added silliness. She named her two tribes Poopanella and Scaramunga. When the tribes merged, they became Unga-Bunga. Both tribes had rubber chicken mascots that they had to "hunt" for in the first challenge. They named one chicken Hugh and the other Jass so that when the tribes merged, the chicken names would merge as well, and become one (well, you can figure that one out!).

I found leopard skin print fabric in wild colors in the bargain rack of the local fabric store and made bandanas for both tribes. I made a dozen cool bandanas and had enough leftover fabric for decorations, tablecloths, plate and basket liners for munchies, etc. I only spent $4 for the fabric and the place looked totally wild and tropical. Even the rubber chickens had their own little bandanas. The bandanas were also party favors and the kids loved them. Water bottles are another party favor idea that we didn't do, but if you can find them cheaply in different colors, that would be a good favor as well. We requested on the invitation that they bring water bottles and good sneakers.

We live in the woods, so we were able to set up a campfire for tribal council meetings. If you don't have a big wooded backyard, check with local state parks or the parks and recreation dept. in your area and see where you can have an outdoor party. Evenings are best, as it adds to the drama of the setting. We had tiki torches with bug repellant around the yard and tribal council site.

We found the Survivor soundtrack and played that all evening. The soundtrack was also a gift for my daughter, who likes that kind of music (African drums and jungle sounds).

For challenges, we had the kids hunt for their chicken dinner (a silly relay race while carrying a rubber chicken). We also had them skin and eat stickyfish (an island delicacy!). Basically, they had to see who could unwrap and eat as much salt-water taffy as possible in two minutes. Use caution with kids with braces, as it may be a problem.

They also had to fish for shark's eggs. We took Gummi sharks, put them in plastic Easter eggs and had them fish them out of pans of water with just bare feet while blindfolded. I made it more challenging by adding ice to the water.

Another challenge involved a battle of wits. They all sat around the fire and everyone had to come up with questions about my daughter that had to be answered correctly to win. One example was what was a nickname she had given to a local mall. All the kids came up with different questions that were really creative and funny (how old she was when she was finally potty-trained, etc).

The final challenge took place right after we sang "Happy Birthday". They had to find the tarantula in their dirt pudding. I made dirt cake cups with Gummi worms (recipe at the end) and hid a big Gummi tarantula in one of them. Whoever found it, won. The ultimate survivor won a rubber chicken. For singing "Happy Birthday", I just put a birthday candle in my daughter's cup and made sure she didn't get the one with the spider to make things fair. She was a real good sport about it and made sure she didn't win any challenges to make it fair to her friends.

After each challenge, the losing team had to "vote" one member off. I made sure at the beginning of the party that no feelings would be hurt. Another option for this would be just to have points awarded to each team and use the dirt pudding challenge to determine the ultimate survivor. The kids all got into the spirit of it, and were practically volunteering to be voted out. Everyone got to participate in each challenge, even if they had been voted out. The immunity idol that went to the winning tribe was this stupid looking plastic bobble-headed tiki god. We awarded that to the runner-up.

After all the challenges, they used the rest of the marshmallows and made s'mores with them. I served them munchies and sodas or juice, but they weren't too hungry after eating salt-water taffy, marshmallows and dirt cake! They enjoyed sitting around the fire and listening to music until their parents came. The party was three hours long, but they wished it had been longer. They all told us it was the best party they had been to, and it was the talk of the school for a long time afterwards. Kids were coming up to my daughter and asking to be invited to her next birthday. They told me they wanted a Survivor reunion next year.

I played the host of the survivor games, so I got to closely supervise the kids. They enjoyed it so much; they invited me to join them around the fire. In all, it was about three hours of unbridled hilarity. My daughter and I had a blast planning it and it seemed like the sillier and stupider it got, the more the kids loved it. The challenges were just old party games that were given a new twist as challenges. We laughed for weeks planning it out. I think we enjoyed planning it as much as the party itself. My daughter really got into planning it and came up with many of the challenges. The only condition I placed on it, was that it had to be good and silly.

Water-Gun Party is a Winner

My in-laws just threw a "Water-gun party" AKA Water-gun fight. About 50 people showed up with water-bazookas and Super-soakers. They filled some large tubs of water up, divided us into two teams. Mom-in-law cut up some fabric strips to use as armbands) and told us one team had to defend this area of the property, and the other team had to get the others off that area of the property. When the water ran out of the tubs, the game was over. We filled the tubs up twice. I'm not sure if anybody actually *won* but everybody had a great time. Then we ate hotdogs & potato chips. Very inexpensive, everybody brings their own gun and their own towel. The senior citizens loved it as much as the teenage boys did.

i just turned 18, and i took all my friends to a laser tag party. but it really depends on your friends. if all you guys do together is drink, then plan a big party with lots of different kinds of drinks or such. or you could do a huge paintball thing. or just rent out a limo and go club hopping. personally i wanted to do a day of racing in go karts, but that would have been expensive. if you have the money though, its fun and competitive, and doesnt take much effort or planning.

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